Dr.’s Getting Away With Murder and Disability Harassment!!!

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So today I decided to go to a committee meeting as I regularly do.  The funny thing about Wisconsin Legislative Committee meetings is that the GOP is trying so hard to sneak as much as they can without publicity that you barely ever know what is actually going on.  Today was another one of those days and tomorrow I will post video of the committee meeting, but please do share this blog post so that everyone know’s what is going on.  I sat in the committee on judiciary ethics and utilities or something like that.  Not really sure what the name of the committee was to be honest with you.  And while I was sitting in the committee they voted to screw WI citizens over once again.  This time by giving doctors unlimited power.   They voted, and I am not joking, to make it so that if a doctor makes a mistake and admits to the patient it was their fault and apologizes or any of the staff does the same it is not admissible in court.  That’s right so a doctor could literally take off the wrong leg and apologize and admit fault to the patient and that admission of fault is not admissible in court.

I find it rather strange, all of a sudden there are a bunch of changes in the laws for doctors.  It started in January before people, myself included, had even woken up and realized we need to keep tabs on our government.  And that reform was quite a piece of work.  Basically, it made it more and more difficult to sue a doctor who messed up.  It made it so ordinary negligence is ok if committed in the scope of a doctors duties.  But now they take it a step further and make it so a doctor can literally admit fault to you and then say nothing or lie on the bench and that is not admissible in court.  Senator Erpenbach raised a point which I can both relate to and agree with.  He said he knows a lot of doctors and not a single one admits fault on a whim before all facts are known.  Not a single one sits there right after an incident and says their bad.   They wait until they know for sure they are at fault.  So now they attack our health care.

You can find video here:

Then came surprise number two of today.  After the Capitol closed I decide to hang out at the Union Terrace in Madison.  It was open mic night and a lot of people were there, and for the record this is an outdoor place where anyone can walk up and events are advertised.   After being there about 4 hours, someone with a Union Terrace badge named Jeff who identified himself as a building manager approached me.  He said there are no motorized vehicles allowed.  I was, of course, on my Segway which I use for mobility purposes as I have Long QT Syndrome, a fatal heart condition for which I have survived five cardiac arrests.  I informed Jeff that I used the Segway for mobility, showed him my heart implant scar and imprint where it bulges out of my chest, and pulled the AED out of my Segway bag.  He then said I had to leave anyways and I refused.   He then said you have to be a member to be at the Union Terrace and I said I was not.  He then said I had to leave for not being a member.  I noted how he only wanted me to leave because I use a Segway as a mobility device.  We spent about 10 more minutes chatting and I turned on the camera when he said he would call the police to remove me.

Twenty minutes later I was still trying to inform him that what he was doing was disability harassment and two people came up to say hi.  I ask them if they are members and they say no.  I then ask him why he asked I be removed for not being a member and he doesn’t care about them.  He simply said because he asked me to leave.  At that time my veteran friend and head of security, Andrew, asks them why they are removing me.  Jeff says he isn’t talking to Andrew and insists he shut up.  I leave and go over to another area and about 15 minutes later the police show up.  I inform them that he is specifically discriminating against me because of my mobility device.  They say he is the building manager and if he asks me to leave I have to leave.  Deciding it wasn’t worth an arrest I left.  But please call the Union Terrace at 608-265-3000 and let them know what happened and that disability harassment is not OK.  And I believe they are University or unionized employees as well.  A real slap in the face when you fight for their rights and everyone else’s and they won’t even allow you to have your mobility device outside in an establishment where practically no one has a membership.  This is unacceptable and needs to stop for the sake of all disabled.

Video of this incident available here:


Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC