Republicans & Decepticons: Strategically Parallel

(Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers from ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’, in order to make its comparisons)

Decepticons – Robotic machinery capable of transforming into different kinds of high-powered machinery, usually some sort of aircraft. They are led by one central, non-negotiable leader with one central, non-negotiable purpose; the ultimate deregulation, the ultimate drainage of resources, the ultimate dictatorship, and the ultimate destruction of earth. The Autobots, who represent the polar opposite, are their enemies.

As I watched the new Transformers movie called Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I kept finding myself going cognitively back to politics, precisely the current environment of politics that we have all grown so accustomed to in this political climate, and I’m now convinced that one of two things have happened. Either, the Republicans have taken a page from the Decepticons’ playbook, or the Decepticons have taken a page from the Republican’s playbook, because the two strategies appear to be of the same philosophical bloodline.

Now this was a very good movie for my cinematic taste, and I do strongly recommend it, especially to Transformers fans. You won’t be disappointed with the action or the storyline. Despite the fact that these huge and powerful robots have a superior capacity for knowledge and technology, unlike anything that humans could get anywhere near at this point, the mighty Transformers still found themselves utterly vulnerable to the one thing that none of us have been able to conquer, despite every advancement across the board, which is also the one thing that constantly outmaneuvers all aspects of common sense and higher learning more than it ever should, and that crafty opponent is emotion; what many of us characterize as relevant to and limited to humanity only, which is narrow-minded, shortsighted, and egotistical at best.

Now this appears to have nothing to do with our politics, but not so fast. One of the most telling events in the movie was the honest compromise to a shoddy promise, as the Decepticons, after plundering the planet of its resources, made a promise to the world that they would peacefully vacate planet earth after they’d taken what little resources they needed to sustain their home planet, as long as the humans told their friends, the Autobots, to leave planet earth immediately and for good, which the humans agreed to, despite all of the help and support that the Autobots had provided to help their less fortunate, human friends. The Autobots honored the wishes of the humans, and boarded a ship and blasted off into space, but unfortunately for them; the Decepticons had laid an ambush, as they destroyed the ship carrying the Autobots once and for all. And unfortunately for the humans, they would then learn the harsh, yet totally predictable; realities of being gullible enough to believe that those who have diminished power or no power at all can legitimately negotiate with the corruption of absolute power. The status quo’s only responsibility is the sustaining of that status quo by any means necessary, because there is no bargaining with power by those who are without—just a rationing of if you’re lucky and the destruction of your livelihood if you’re not.

Despite all of the economic calamities that were either created or enhanced under those eight glorious years of the Republican led, Bush administration, there are still hordes of people who will stop at nothing to give the Republicans one more chance, as they promise to take only the economic resources needed to preserve the status quo enough to create jobs and stimulate the general economy, but like the gullible humans who sat around aimlessly waiting on the greedy Decepticons to leave the planet, people are still sitting around today waiting aimlessly for the status quo to create those highly anticipated jobs through their part of the equation. And like the Decepticons, our corporate status quo only seems to have plans to help themselves at the expense of the less fortunate/less powerful, and any ideology that suggest that feeding the monster will make it finally decide to go away on a full belly sounds like an ideology that has been concocted by the monster and endorsed by the monster for the benefit of the monster, to be carried out on the backs of the future victims of the monster.

In case all of you Tea Baggers and Republicans haven’t figured this out yet, greed and power make the worst self-regulators of greed and power, but they make the out-and-out best consumers of greed and power; causing many of these power slobs to view the aspect of jobs the same way that the Decepticons viewed the existence of humans, as insignificant pests—best to be left to fend themselves or simply eliminated!

With all of the jobs and economic recovery the Republicans have promised recently and continue to promise now, they’d have us believe that if we will just follow the lead of the humans who put the Autobots on a ship to get them out of here, by applying that same, urgent line of thinking to President Obama’s time in the White House, so we can get him out of here in 2012, the rich, fat cats would finally decide to acknowledge their economically full bellies as soon as the new president is sworn in, and to that I say: ‘how convenient,’ and I’m not buying it, the same way that I didn’t buy the Deceptions’ promise of a trickle down peace once they were done raping the less fortunate and the planet. Why listen to someone’s rhetorical, self-serving words, when you have the ability to look at that person’s rubber-meets-the-road, track record, and the track record of the Republicans here in our reality is eerily similar to the ideological track record of the Decepticons? Those that are engulfed in power like to ask those who are not to have faith, but I say that those who are not engulfed in power should not ask for, but demand from those who are engulfed in power—results, because faith is good, but results are better!

As far as I’m concerned, I say no results, no credibility, no credibility, no confidence, no confidence, no support, no support, no opportunity, and no opportunity no power! I’ll have all the faith that you want my adversarial Republicans, but my skeptical patience will be at a premium, but I do have all the faith in the world that you Republicans want to create new resources for this country, but I’m impatiently unenthused by your tactics, and I’m skeptically concerned as to who you guys have in mind for these resources. So until the Republican’s actions can convince me otherwise, I will not be exiling any Autobots or Democrats with my vote, but I cannot make that same guarantee to the Republicans, and I base that on a very credible reason.

The most frightening and the most dangerous similarity that I’ve detected between Decepticons and Republicans is the uncompromising, immovable, despotic ideology that will impose its will at all costs, even if it means flirting with or waltzing into the destruction of life as we know it, where the only compromising is the continuous transferal of power from the disenfranchised to the franchised, as absolute power corrupts absolutely, where greed is the ultimate king-maker and power is always right. Ideological regimes such as these only care about the institutionalization of the ideology; regardless of the effect that it could have on those who have different ideologies. To the authoritarian view, it’s never about which ideology is truly right. It’s always about which ideology is powerful enough to be the last ideology standing when the political smoke clears, as strength trumps substance, power silences integrity, and elitism pushes out equality. I don’t know if there has ever been a more fitting example of the ideological ends justifying the political means than the overall principles of franchise conservatism as applied to our current, political system, and it’s not always exclusive to Republicans either! To be fair, I’m not saying that the Republicans are out to literally and purposefully destroy the world or the country, but I am saying that I trust them less than any other political group.

Now I’m not here to say that the Democratic/progressive brand is the exact replica of the noble Autobots, but I will say unequivocally that the Republicans are much more like the Decepticons than the Democrats are like the Autobots, and that one fact alone is more than enough to keep me in the Democratic/progressive camp. I totally understand that there have been Democrats who have sold out in the past, sold out today, and will inevitably continue selling out in the future, but as long as there is some semblance of Autobot egalitarianism present within the broadness of the Democratic/progressive ideology, this is where I will make me stand, and whenever it disappears into the ideological horizon, this is where I will make my departure, because I’d rather have a semblance of effort based inclusiveness as opposed to a mother lode of Machiavellian elitism. I know that there are those who will argue that the ‘lesser-of-two-evils’ model is just a cowardly cop-out, but I would argue right back to them by declaring that there is no other model that specifically personifies us as humans more completely.

Bryian K. Revoner
Author of the book The Fear of Being Challenged: I Am the Realacrat