Cantor Sets A New Standard For The Word “Chutzpah”

This is my concerned face. I only use it when rich people have to pay taxes. Won't anyone think of all those poor rich people?!

Wow. Just…wow. I’m almost (but not quite) speechless at the sheer gall of Eric Cantors’ declaration that:

“A vote to increase the debt limit in this country is an existential question for a fiscal conservative,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Monday.“These votes aren’t easy. …What I don’t think that the White House understands is how difficult it is for fiscal conservatives to say they’re going to vote for a debt ceiling increase.”

“Existential question?” How much soul searching did Cantor do when voting at least five times to raise the debt ceiling under the most fiscally irresponsible president in the history of the country? Did the extra 4 trillion dollars (that’s “trillion” with a “T”) he helped burden the country with through two wars and the largest tax cuts in the history of the world (all unpaid for if you keep track of such things) give him even a moments’ pause?

Apparently the definition of “fiscal conservative” is extremely malleable when you have the mores of Jack the Ripper.

Well, they’ve set the precedent and I can’t wait until a Republican gets back into the White House! Magically, Republicans will suddenly decide that using the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip is the height of irresponsibility, traitorous, un-American and possibly a plot to overthrow the government. I’ll bet you 1 trillion dollars (still with a “T”) that I’m right.

Read more here, if you can stomach it.