Mitch McConnell: Hard At Work Putting Us Back Into Recession

Senator Mitch McConnell

Last year, Mitch McConnell went on record stating that:

The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

Not “fix the economy” or “get Americans back to work” or “help the country.” None of that! The GOP’s single most important goal could be summed up as: “Get back into power by any means necessary.”

And how does one go about doing that? Do you work as hard as possible to correct your mistakes over the last decade, convince the country that you have learned from said mistakes, restore their faith in you and present yourself as the better choice? Don’t be ridiculous! You pretend the last decade of epic failure was some OTHER Republican party and sabotage the recovery! Making sure your opponent fails is MUCH easier and has the added bonus of making the country so angry they’ll hold their nose and swallow all of your union-busting attacks on the Middle class! That second part isn’t working out quite as well as the Kochs GOP would have hoped but still…

And now, once again, McConnell goes on record about ensuring Obama is a one term president:

That’s my single most important political goal, along with every active Republican in the country. But that’s in 2012. Our biggest goal for this year is to get this country straightened out.”

Really? Are you fracking kidding me?! So, last year it was the most important thing to make Obama a one-termer and the GOP did EVERYTHING in their power to block ANY kind of recovery. This year, the biggest goal is to get the country straightened out and the GOP is, again, doing EVERYTHING in their power to block ANY kind of recovery. In the case of the GOP dominated House, they’re just avoiding doing anything that might actually help. Abortion is far more important as far as they’re concerned.

And next year? Why, it’s back to destroying Obama’s presidency after taking a year vacation from deliberate sabotage to “fix” the country! Seriously. We’re supposed to buy that? Who could possibly be stupid enough to believe that the GOP is not happily tanking the economy for purely political gain right now? Even other conservatives are saying they’re full of crap.

Look at what they have proposed as a solution for the economic disaster indisputablycaused by tax cuts and deregulation? More tax cuts and deregulation! Add a side order of “shared sacrifice” that inflicts massive pain on the Middle Class and Working Poor while leaving the architects responsible for the economic collapse completely unscathed and you have the GOP game plan: they, literally, want to pay the rich to continue screwing the rest of us.

Eight years ago, conservatives were very vocal about what constitutes treason. All you had to do was question whether a Republican president was doing the right thing and you were branded as a traitor. I’d like to think the bar is just a bit higher than that but I think the GOP has pole vaulted over it no matter how high you set it. They are actively engaged in a campaign to purposefully weaken the economy and plunge us back into recession for nothing more than political gain. What would YOU call it?