Destroying Republican Myths on the Debt Ceiling

(Editor’s Note: This post contains vulgar language)

I’m beyond sick of these filthy Republicans on the debt ceiling. They claim to be the fiscally responsible ones, but earlier this year they voted to pass the Ryan Budget which would not only END MEDICARE, but would also add $5 TRILLION to the national debt over the next 10 years. And now they’re perfectly comfortable with risking another economic catastrophe and recession just so they can keep tax breaks for a bunch of rich assholes!

It’s bad enough that these same Republicans raised the debt ceiling 7 TIMES to the tune of about $400 billion under George W. Bush without batting an eye. This was while 2 wars were going on, Medicare Part D had been passed, and the Bush tax cuts for billionaires were in place. But when the black guy is in office, this debt ceiling thing SUDDENLY becomes a problem.

Do you people not understand what is going to happen if this debt ceiling isn’t raised by August 2nd? The top economists in the fucking world have warned congress that this would lead to another economic recession, possibly worse than the one we’re in now. This is serious business.

So why are Republicans obstructing? Because Democrats and President Obama have proposed that we not raise taxes, but close tax loopholes. Keep in mind that right now we have the lowest tax rates in this country since the 1950’s. Corporations are turning 18-year record profits, paying next to nothing in taxes (and in Bank of America’s case, litteraly nothing), the government is taking in all-time low revenues, and WE’RE BROKE!!! YEAH I SAID IT, WE ARE BROKE! You know why? Because all the wealth has concentrated to this top 2% of income earners. This all started with Ronny Reagan and his bullshit “supply-side” or “trickle-down” economics. It’s a scam. Wealth doesn’t trickle down, it trickles up and around.

And for anyone who says some stupid shit like “the rich create jobs”. BULL FUCKING SHIT. The Bush tax cuts have been in place since 2001, and we’re sitting here 10 years later with a 9.1% unemployment rate. Our jobs have gone overseas, along with the rich. They sit on their bloated asses collecting dividend checks they inherited from mommy and daddy. They don’t do any productive work, they didn’t build this country. The working class did!

But not only do Republicans want to keep outrageous tax breaks for billionaires, they want to cut your child’s education, your Social Security, your retirement pensions, your Medicare, your Medicaid, and pretty much every other program you’ve paid into your entire life working your ass off. This is bullshit. You didn’t cause a debt or deficit. You shouldn’t be asked to tighten your belt. Fuck that…it was these criminals on Wall Street and the ultra-wealthy elite ruling class that neither party wants to touch. Shame on them both!!!

And we’re screwed. Obama is going to cave. I gaurantee it. Democrats have already gone 90% of the way. They’ve said they don’t want to include tax increases, just “closing loopholes”. Why are these cowardly Democrats not SCREAMING everything I said above from every podium they can get their urine-soaked hands around? Because they are playing a charade and pursuing the same agenda. It’s disgusting. If you are a middle-class working American, Republicans do NOT represent you. And it should be crystal clear by now.