Republicans Claim To Be The ‘Job Creators’ And That The Wealthy Already Pay Too Much

This is very interesting considering they have not brought one single piece of legislation to the floor of Congress that will help “create jobs”, and they’ve denied every Democratic bill that has come before them. How do they plan on creating more jobs? With the same failed tax policies that have been diminishing our economy since they began 30 years ago? At least President Reagan recognized when certain revenue increasing initiatives were necessary to somewhat stabilize the economy. He raised taxes, albeit on the backs of the working and middle class, but he raised taxes when he knew it was necessary to bring in much-needed revenue.

You can’t pay for programs, services, the infrastructure of our nation, our military, etc…. this all meaning the civilized and free nation that we are, without a form of revenue. It is not possible. The tax breaks to the very wealthy, the tax breaks to mega-corporations, the subsidizing of big oil and corporate jets, etc. is suffocating our ability to grow the economy. The Republicans will tell us that 51% of the nation doesn’t pay much of any taxes, and that over 30% of the tax revenue coming in is coming from the wealthy. What does that tell us? It tells us that over 51% of our nation is not making what they should be making. That 51% percent of the nation is not making enough to pay into a system necessary for their survival because they can’t. It tells us that yes, even 15% of $350M would be more than 25-30% of $50k… indeed. And yes, the wealthy do already pay more, because they make an obscene amount of money in comparison. The wealth discrepancy is astounding, and the Republicans like to use it as a talking point to not raise taxes on the wealthy because they are the “job creators” and already pay enough. Well if that were so, 51% of the nation would be paying more in taxes because they would either have a job, have a better job, or actually make a living worthy of the work they are doing. Not just the big wigs on top collecting the profits from those that they are underpaying on the bottom. As well, where does this leave the middle and working class? It leaves them picking up the slack for the remaining 70% of revenue that is coming in for essential services. If you are making more, then yes you will be paying more, that’s simple math. Imagine the revenue brought into the nation if the very wealthy paid more, and the corporate tax-breaks and unneeded oil subsidies were eliminated, as well as the bottom 51% paying their fair share as well… because they can. We could lower the deficit dramatically, and perhaps even balance the budget.

If they claim to be the “job creators” then create some jobs. This does not mean create jobs overseas to cut costs, this does not mean to create jobs that won’t offer proper compensation and benefits… this means create jobs of actual worth where that 51% can pay more into our system as well. Tell your corporate cronies to stop hoarding their money, or try to get the best deal overseas, and actually create jobs here in the United States that will pay a fair wage or salary. Then we will all be paying our fair share. It is called “Shared Sacrifice” because we will all share in the sacrifice of paying for our unpaid wars, essential service, etc… The answer isn’t in cutting programs essential to the very existence of many of our citizens, the answer lies in the privilege of being an American. If you have the privilege of living here in the US, share in the sacrifice of keeping our nation safe, educated, clean, well-functioning, and civilized. Freedom isn’t free.


Sarah Wood (Opinionated Democrat)