Mitt Romney Can’t Find Someone Unemployed?

Ryan King, the vice chairman of the Midland County Young Republicans and victim of Obama's economy, according to a Mitt Romney campaign ad.

In a previous post, I mentioned Romney’s “I’m unemployed” comment. And here, Romney proves that he is incapable of talking about jobs without doing something stupid:

via Daily Kos

On May 6, [Ryan] King exulted on Facebook that he had gotten a job after graduating from Northwoods University in Midland that month.

On June 10, he cut the ‘woe-is-me’ ad for the Romney campaign.

Here’s where the baloney in the WSJ headline comes from — while the camera shows King driving a late-model SUV, he complains:

“I buy baloney and bread because it’s cheap. It’s what I eat.”
Well, it certainly looks like he eats high-calorie, low-nutrition factory food.

It gets worse than that — he admits he has a job with a paycheck, then bemoans not having a job.

“Right now, I probably have $3 to my name, before I cash my paycheck tomorrow.
So it does get rough.

What is wrong with me? Is it my fault that I can’t get a job?

What can I do differently? To a certain point, you just lose faith in yourself.”

Where did Romney find such a clumsy liar?

Where else, in the local Republican Party — Ryan King is vice chairman of the Midland County Young Republicans.

See the video here;