8 Reasons Conservatives Think African-Americans Should Like Herman Cain

Herman Cain

8 Reasons conservatives think African-Americans should like Herman Cain by George L. Cook III AAreports.com

I have noticed on many blogs, Facebook post, and message boards white conservatives seem to think that Herman Cain would be a good choice for black voters. So in my own special way I would like to give you reasons why white conservatives believe blacks should like and maybe even vote for Herman Cain.

1* They like him ( They also like Allen West, Juan Williams, and Michael Steele until he spent all of their damned money. Nuff said. )

2* Because he’s black. ( Just like President Obama. Yeah that should fool a few of us into voting for him. )

3* Because he believes blacks can’t afford to join the Tea Party ( Thus co-signing  the stereotypical BS that most African-Americans are poor. )

4* Because he’s black.

5* Because he refuses to be called African-American and is an American who happens to be black. ( Even he doesn’t believe that BS. He probably called himself African-American until he realized his “base” prefers that he call himself just an American. He would call himself whatever if it would get him votes. )

6* Because he’s black.

7* Because he says that African-Americans live on the Democratic Plantation. ( That’s classic red meat to the “base” there. Nothing excites black voters like being told you live on a plantation which infers that we are all slaves. Yeah, I’m switching my party affiliation right now. )

8* Did I mention that he’s black?