What Would a Republican/Tea Party Government Do Within 2 Years Of Governing?

  • First, they would kill over 75% of the federal government…… Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment, EPA, DOE, SEC, FCC, Healthcare Reform, and probably most of the IRS. This would effectively reduce federal spending by over 40% at the expense of billions of Americans. So much for the American dream there….
  • Second, they would establish constitutional amendments for the Patriot Act, Abortion and Same-Sex marriage bans, and more provisions to give more power to the (Inept) state governments. This would effectively castrate the Supreme Court. So much for proper balance of power……
  • Third, they would build the wall along the Mexican border and enact immigration laws so tough that only the “most” desired immigrants (white, rich, conservative) would be allowed in the country. So much for the land of opportunity….
  • Fourth, all those anti-trust, monopoly laws? Forget them. All repealed. You can also throw in major taxes and tariffs on international business, making it even easier to move American jobs overseas. Don’t worry – there will still be Mcdonalds, Wal-Mart, and stripper jobs everywhere….
  • For the remainder of the unemployed you will STILL have a job – soldier. Defense spending will increase as we pick another country after another off the world – restoring “democracy” and freedom to “all.” Sure you might think this would cancel out the spending cuts from #1, but not really – you don’t get paid if you die. You get a nice burial and a shiny medal of honor for “dying for freedom.” Oh – I forgot, you won’t get a choice by then either. Expect the draft to come back….
  • Foreign policy will get even more interesting as we return to becoming the “cop” of the world. Our former allies will turn their backs on us and the UN and NATO will become completely irrelevant. The remaining alliances around the world will shun the USA’s involvement, and aside from sucking our wealth from us we will be largely ignored and/or laughed at by the rest of the civlized world – leaving only our enemies to worry about us (and we WILL have more).
  • Eventually our currency will be so massively inflated that it will be replaced as the world’s currency, effectively toppling us as a major economic power. This will cause massive poverty in the USA, forcing all but the top 5-10% into jobs paying just enough to cover basic needs (corporate slavery) or into the military (where the constitution does NOT apply to you). Sure you still have your bill of rights, but they don’t protect you from other people (like the ones with all the ASSAULT WEAPONS). Eventually America’s diversity will again be separated, as Blacks/Hispanics, Muslims, Liberals, the entire LGBT community, and poor people are forced into a persecuted class (Nazi Germany anyone?). Not an “official” separation, but one government by corporate policy and allowed to run unchecked by a US Government whose only role in the world will be to ask the corporations which country to beat up next.

There you have it folks. Welcome to America – the land of corporate governance. And you can have it ALL within 2 years of electing a GOP/TP government. Who wants to sign up?

I will post in comments section links to articles for each and every statement I have made, but bear with me as I have scarce time to gather my notes. In the meantime please feel free to comment and debate! Conservatives – debate at the risk of being exposed.