The GOP and Voter Fraud – The Hypocrisy of a Movement

Despite their rhetoric of unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, GOP led House in Ohio passed an election law overhaul.  This new overhaul weakened a law which obligate poll workers to direct voters to their correct voter location.  If a voter arrives to vote in an incorrect location, now the poll workers need not direct voters to the correct location.  After all, “it is the duty of the individual casting the ballot to ensure that the individual is casting that ballot in the correct precinct.”  By not allowing poll workers to redirect voters to the correct locations suppresses the voting rights for these individuals.  State Senator Nina Turner (D) says that “more than 14,000 wrong precinct ballots were disqualified in 2008.”  Mixing up precincts is common in rural and improvised areas and leads to loss of voter’s rights.

In Wisconsin, the GOP placed 6 impersonators on the Democratic ticket.  Not only is this deception is costing tax payers approximately $420,000, but it is also voter fraud.  Republicans responded by blaming Democrats, because Andrew Wisniewski ran as a Republican, who was formerly a Democrat but turned Independent and therefore ran on the Republican ticket.

Then-Republican governor of Florida Charlie Crist moved to restore voting rights to ex-felons in the state.  Florida’s original disenfranchisement law was enacting during Reconstruction, as an effort to limit the political power of newly freed blacks.  Correspondingly, a quarter of those disenfranchised are black.  Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi are moving to make it harder for the formerly incarcerated to vote again.  Perhaps this is due to the perception that President Obama won the 2008 election by stronger minority turnout?

New Hampshire’s GOP are trying to ban many college students from voting, because they “typically vote liberal”.  Newly empowered Republican legislatures have been imposing onerous voter ID laws, despite any evidence of in-person voter fraud.  And in Nevada, an employee of a private voter registration firm alleges that bosses trashed registration forms filled out by Democrats because they only wanted Republican registrations.  The verdict on this case is still pending.

Republicans decried over the Democratic voter fraud in 11 swing states through ACORN.  Despite a fraudulent report from Andrew Breitbart, none of the allegations have been proven to be true.  Yet this is the story which sticks in the Republican voters’ minds and the justification of restricting voter rights.

Without substantiated evidence of voter fraud on the part of Democrats, the GOP took it upon themselves to restrict voter fraud.  In their acts, however, they are suppressing the voting rights for tax paying Americans.  But the most egregious act is the GOP blaming victims for the GOP’s crimes.  But then, that has been the core of Republican leadership; to blame others for the crimes they themselves commit.