Top Four Republican Lies (Exposed)

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Republicans who are Hell bent to make Obama a One-Term President, promise many, many things.  Republicans campaigned on “Jobs”, they claim they don’t want government to come between you and your doctor, they claim to be peaceful, and they claim they are fiscally responsible.  Well, they lied to us.  Below are a brief list of links to articles establishing how each of these claims are nothing but lies.

1. Republicans campaigned on “Jobs”, but they lied.
Republicans block ending offshore jobs US tax breaks
Senate Republicans Block Bill Supporting Small Business
GOP Blocks Jobs Bill That Included Repeal of Ethanol Tax Credits, Dozens of Other amendments

2. Republicans said they didn’t want government getting between us and our doctors, but they lied.
-The House GOP’s Plan to Redefine Rape
Patient Cut From Transplant List Dies: Arizona’s Death Panel?
The Abortion Tax: The Republican Plan to Prevent Your Abortion By Holding Your Tax Money Hostage

3. Republicans claim to be peaceful, but they lied.
Report: No WMD Stockpiles in Iraq
(Updated) Shocking Violence, No Surprise (Timeline)

4. Republicans claim to be fiscally responsible, but they lied.
FEC Audit Identifies Campaign Finance Violations From Kansas GOP in 2007 and 2008
Republican Priebus Winning Back Big-Dollar Donors to Erase Party’s Debt