Ann Coulter Calls Princess Diana ‘Anorexic, Bulimic Narcissist’

Ann Coulter is known for her attacks on liberals, and the media.

Now she is making headlines for comments she made regarding the late Princess Diana of Wales, calling her an “anorexic, bulimic narcissist.”

Via Mediaite;

Speaking to The Insider’s Kevin Frazierabout her new book, Demonic, the conversation took a detour when Frazier asked Coulter to discuss why she considered Americas fascination for royalty bizarre. “I find it a little baffling when Americans get so gaga-eyed over a princess,” she explained, “and particularly Lady Di who was this anorexic, bulimic narcissist.” She doesn’t elaborate from there, but you get the point. Read more at;

See the video here;