Mitt Facts — 365 Days of Lies, Distortions, and Racism!

I have recently started a new blog, called Mitt Facts, dedicated to exposing Mitt Romney for what he is (scum!).  A lot of people are making a lot of noise about the visibly crazy GOP candidates, especially Bachmann; Romney is quite a bit more devious than she.

Starting 3 days ago, and continuing for another 362 days, a fact will be posted both here and on the blog.  The first three were:


Mitt Romney has based his entire campaign not om himself, but on the negative aspects of President Obama.  Now, he’s taken to making things up to attack the President.
While speaking about the Boeing labor disputes, he claimed that the Obama Administration-controlled National Labor Review Board was going to cost the company jobs.  Never mind Obama needing to defend himself, Alcoa stood up and said this:
“No, we don’t see that happening…”

Does it get any clearer than that?


Romney claimed that “there are more men and women out of work in America than there are people working in Canada.”


Obama “has stood watch over the greatest job-loss in modern American history.”

False. Again.  More jobs were lost under Bush.




Everyone who follows politics knows that Romney’s health care legislation in Massachusetts is extremely unpopular  with the Tea Party-Republican base, who see it as much too similar to “ObamaCare” for comfort.  Romney has claimed, in an attempt to rally the base, that the plan is bankrupting the state.  According to, Romney’s claims are far from true:  “Costs rose more quickly than expected in the first few years, but are now in line with what the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation had estimated.”


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