Joan Walsh Says Vicious Obama Supporters Are Paid Trolls

Sometime around about April Fools’ Day, Joan Walsh jumped the shark. Since then, she’s got caught out and called out in remarks that were just the teensy-weensiest bit racist, although Joan, being Joan and a bona fide bastion of the Progressive Left abjectly and vociferously denied that she was racist in anyway, whilst at the same time just as vociferously resenting any claim that African Americans could have to being part and parcel of the base whom Joan declares the President has abandoned so callously.


One thing led to another, and Joan got more than a bit rude with several people who disagreed with her point of view on certain things – most notably the fact that since the President declared his intent to run for re-election in 2012, Joan’s been on a massive downer and appears to be suffering from DODS – Delayed Obama Derangement Syndrome.


In her last blog, usually written after an appearance on Chris Matthews’s Hardball, she admitted that Obama appeared to have a “mirage” of support – which means that he might have the appearance of support amongst his base (whoever and whatever his base may be), but it really isn’t support as such.


That confused me. Does that mean people will say they’ll support him and then vote the Republican ticket? Or that they’ll say they voted but in reality they stayed at home? Who knows? Still, that didn’t confuse me as much as her next assertion, made in a Twitter exchange on June 23rd:-


@dpleasant @LaurieInQueens I’m convinced some of the most vicious pro-Obama people are paid by GOP


Mouths closed yet? Chins picked up off the floor?


Yep, you read right. Joan thinks that some of the most “vicious” Obama supporters are paid GOP trolls. She was most likely referring to me, in our last direct exchange, when she accused me of working for Breitbart, simply because I disagreed with her gratuitous criticism. More apt were my accusations that she was climbing on the Obama-bashing bandwagon to prove her own relevancy and to fit in more as an “esteemed” (but unpaid, according to Joanie – yeah, sure) political contributor for MSNBC.


(If you think all those “political contributors” just sit around the table shooting the breeze with Joe and Cenk and Chris and Larry and newly-minted lyin’ liar Rachel just for a cuppa Starbucks and a camera in their face for nothing, you seriously need to get out more.)


I know Joan’s recently read “Nixonland” and I know the GOP are famous for their infiltration tactics as a part of their ratfucking techniques, but gone are the days of Donald Segretti.  Instead, if Joan bothered to open her eyes and ears, she’d find that there are a lot of pretty intelligent, normal, hard-working, everyday people who see exactly what the President has done, how he’s done it and – above all – why he’s had to do things the way he has. Such people are these that they understand how government works, they know the President doesn’t legislate, and, furthermore, they know that in a democracy, one discusses, debates and compromises.


These people know that change that lasts is often incremental. Some of us might remember when FDR implemented Social Security and how it covered a fraction of the people it covers today. Others might remember Jim Crow, still more might remember when a female teacher got paid considerably less than a male counterpart.


These people are the ones who remember that the President has always said that change comes from the bottom up, which is a euphemism for the aristocratic FDR’s direct command of “make me.”


And these are the people who listened to Candidate Obama’s speeches and realised, if not from their content than from reading his work, The Audacity of Hope, that the man presented himself as nothing more than a Left of Centre pragmatist in the mold of his hero, Abraham Lincoln.


If these people are now vociferous to the point of vicious in their support of the President, it’s simply because we’re effing mad at the trust fund kids from the Progressive end of the political spectrum slamming the President on everything he does and doesn’t do to their specification. We’re sick and tired of being called Obamabots and derided on sites like Daily Kos, which was allegedly founded as a Democratic website and has turned into a den of hatred for people specialising in pissing on the President and pushing the meme that he’s done nothing, yet all the while proclaiming that this criticism is constructive and it’s purely done in the name of political policy.


My blue Democratic ass.


The Right walk around with signs of the President dressed like witch doctor with a bone through his nose, and the Firebaggers at FDL get a pass when they refer to him as “boogalu Bush.”


The Right accuse him of being a Kenyan mau-mau, while Progressives openly refer to him as the “Affirmative Action President.”


Joan would do well to remember that it was a fellow PUMA who started the birther myth in earnest, and she would do well not to forget the PUMA woman who stridently declared she would support no other than John McCain, when Hillary dropped out of the race, because she simply couldn’t understand why Democrats would set aside a well-qualified white woman in favour of a black man.


The Right assert that the President is a weak leader, and Joan obliges by pushing the same meme. The Right treat him with open disrespect, while the Left act like Miss Scarlett about to smack Prissy from sheer frustration.


His supporters are sick and tired of being referred to as sycophants for “Dear Leaders” and called “Obama-Lovers” by her newest pet blogger, Glenn Greenwald, who appears to be the tail wagging Salon’s dog to such a degree that Joan has to slavishly echo his critique.


In short, our “vicious” support of the President is simply nothing more than a reaction to an irresponsible, lazy, assumptive and downright untrustworthy media who like to think that the majority of Americans are totally incapable of thinking for themselves and need political action explained to them, but always with a spin. And if you’re canny enough to disagree, you’re deserving of the rudness thrown in your direction.


So, sorry, Joan, “vicious” supporters of the President aren’t paid GOP trolls, but whiners, whingers, moaners, and relentless fault-finders and criticizers such as you and the mean girls and guys around you are the underminers taking the corporate penny of people whose agenda is to see the President fail.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the troll after all?