Who Do Fox ‘News’ Viewers Want To Torture? (VIDEO)

Who do Fox “News” viewers want to torture (aka Waterboard)?

Please watch this video clip, and you will soon see how blood thirsty, psychotic, and terrifying some people in this nation are. Quick fact to them, waterboarding did not provide the information that led to the discovery of Osama Bin Laden. That information came far later through legal interrogation, and other means of gathering intelligence. Waterboarding is illegal… as are other forms of torture. That’s why former President Bush can’t visit certain countries… they will arrest him. As we should.

Some names of those that Fox “News” viewers want to see tortured are: “President Obama, Senate Democrats, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, ‘my ex-wife’ (classy right?), and Joy Behar”

When did people start thinking that life is a video game? When did people start to think that crimes against humanity are justified? When do we stop being the good guy and become the bad guy? Thankfully we now have President Obama, who has clarified that we are now indeed standing on the correct side of the law.

The name of this article should read… “Which Fox “News” viewers should we arrest for potential endangerment to our nations citizens?”

Video fromĀ Media Matters


They seem to think it’s funny. It’s not…