Tea Party Rally Infiltrated by Anti-Tea Party Activist (VIDEO)

An anti-Tea Party activist by the name of Mike Lee recently crashed a Tea Party rally, dressed as George Washington. Participants in the rally, and even staff believed that he was really there for the rally, and no one tried to stop him when he went on the main stage and took over the mic to share his message of “God, Jesus, and Guns”.

Mr. Lee shook hands and mingled with members of the crowd, before signing a copy of the Bill of Rights as “George Washington”, and adding an “LOL” and a smiley face to the end of his signature.

He also sand the national anthem, using auto-tune.

After spending some time talking to the Tea Party participants, and getting encouragement from them, he then left the rally and came back with an African-American man, dressed as a slave. Mr. Lee then started using his megaphone to chant “Yes we can!” and to talk about how America needs to bring back slavery.

Judging from the video, it appears that most of the participants in the rally were fooled by his impersonation of one of their members.

See the video here;