Anthony Weiner resgning.

Oh Thank GOD! Anthony Weiner is resigning! Obviously, someone of such low character shouldn’t be in Congress  (if they’re a Democrat, that is).

As the GOP sits back and slaps themselves on the back for getting rid of a particularly annoying liberal while utterly ignoring David “I broke the law” Vitter,  Larry “I also broke the law” Craig and John “I REALLY broke the law” Ensign, perhaps they should not be so happy. Now that they’ve set the bar so incredibly low for excuses to oust a Congressperson (dirty pictures? Really?) and are on the record at being outraged, OUTRAGED! at such shenanigans, how will they justify their inevitable support for next Republican getting caught with a prostitute or shtupping an intern? Regular conservatives won’t mind, of course, they’re already happy wallowing in their own hypocrisy: “David Vitter is a straw man argument! Weiner is MUCH worse!!” Keep telling yourselves that, no one’s buying it.

A better question is: Will the media continue to allow them to get away with it? IOKIYAR: It’s OK If You’re A Republican is an excuse that’s wearing veeeery thin these days.