Tweeted and Defeated: Anthony Weiner

Let me start off by saying that I despise Andrew Breitbart, not because of his involvement with the Rep. Anthony Weiner situation, but because we are simply on opposite sides of the ideological fence. Breitbart is what he is, and that would be a political, sharpshooting marksman who’s only responsibility is to catch Democrats and liberals slipping whenever and wherever possible, and no Democrat or liberal is off limits. Sarah Palin likes to complain about the “Gotcha Media,” but Breitbart has taught Weiner what a real gotcha media looks like and feels like. It’s one thing to have the media make someone look asininely inadequate, but it’s something entirely different when the media is able to make someone look like a liar or some sort of sexual deviant, because if there is one thing that can deflate the credibility of a public figure, it’s anything involving a sex scandal, and that political, Venus Flytrap has just lured in Anthony Weiner, and he has no one else to blame but himself. I’ll say it again. Dealing with Republicans and conservatives is like trying to hand feed a Great White Shark with a liberal pork chop. Once you dip or tweet your arm into that murky water, there’s a 99.9% chance that you will rise up only a shoulder left attached! That’s just the nature of this business!

Now Weiner was never my favorite politician, although there are quite a few of my progressive friends who really like his blistering, rhetorical combativeness in regards to his Republican opposition, which was admittedly very refreshing to hear from a Democrat, but he’s just not someone who won me over politically. I would consider him to be a good, up-and-coming Democrat, but that’s about it for me. Nevertheless, I am fumingly mad at Anthony Weiner right now, and I do feel as if he has let me and the Democratic Party down. Now I don’t say that based on the morality of what Weiner did, but based on the stupidity and the futility of what he did. I couldn’t care less about how many pictures he tweets or texts to whomever his little heart desires. I’m not married to Weiner. He can explain that to his wife. I am neither the tweet police nor the text police, and I most certainly am not the gatekeeper who plans to lock out Weiner from the cookie jar. As long he didn’t do something illegal, call me Fallout Boy, because ‘I don’t care!’

But I’ll tell you what I do care about; I care about the now squandered opportunity Weiner has now tweeted down the political toilet, when we all know about the very real reality of sewer sharks like Andrew Breitbart who regularly comb through the muck for Democratic scraps. Weiner should have known better, not because he shouldn’t be allowed to tweet what he tweeted, but because, as the old Rockwell song goes; ‘I always feel like somebody’s watching me, and I have no privacy!’ If Weiner hasn’t heard that song, then someone should definitely pull him to the side and play it for him, and after that they can show him an old episode of Punk’d. In this media-circus driven, social networking world that we now live in, a Congressional member like Weiner has to know better than to play Russian-tweet–Roulette with his career, which could have come crashing down every time he sent out something on the Internet that could potentially or definitely become compromising. Hey Weiner; are you that arrogant, that reckless, that trusting, or that uninformed regarding the new technology?

And, the one aspect that disappoints me the most about Weiner is the fact he obviously does not know who he is, and Democrats and liberals always seem to suffer from this type of political amnesia. So, just in case Weiner is still unable to remember who is or was, please allow me to elaborate, and Democrats and liberals listen up. Anthony Weiner was a special kind of Democrat, the kind of Democrat who actually had and was unafraid to display that one special thing so many Democrats so dearly need—a spine/backbone! Weiner was not afraid to speak spunkily to the opposition, and speak spunkily for the Democratic cause, and that is what has inevitably got him on the GOP, take down list, and don’t act surprised by it. Weiner appeared to be the adrenalized shot in the arm that Democrats have been searching for, and that political promise did not go unnoticed by either party.

The GOP doesn’t care about Weiner’s tweets. The GOP is only out to take a page out of Rahm Emanuel’s book; borrowing from his old motto of never letting a good crisis go to waste, especially if that crisis belongs to your enemy! The GOP doesn’t see Weiner’s tweets or Weiner’s Weiner. They only see political opportunity at the strategic, down-the-road expense of the Democrats, and Weiner’s turnover has all the potential makings of a possible GOP victory on some level, at some point in the future. The GOP might be terribly horrid at running the country—anywhere besides into the ground, but they are expertly good and doggedly determined when it comes to electoral, guerilla politics. They don’t always have the greatest candidates, so they specialize in picking off yours, even if it means picking off one of your up-and-comers. That’s how far down the road the GOP is willing to attack.

The goal was to get Weiner to resign, but they will settle for and target, with the trusty, old, Sarah Palin crosshairs, Weiner’s seat in the next election, even if it means that another, weaker Democrat takes over his seat, which would still be considered a victory for the GOP based on the elimination of Weiner’s outspoken, leadership abilities. Yes, they are that politically crafty. While the Anthony Weiner’s of the world are out sowing or tweeting their wild oats, the GOP pit-bulls are going over their Democratic hit list. In case you haven’t figured this out, the GOP believes that 2016 will truly be their year, even more than 2012, which many are unsure of, because the common, conservative belief is that the Democrats will be vulnerable after the Obama presidency is officially in the books, as conservatives feel as if the complacent Democrats won’t initially be successful in replacing Obama, because new, Democratic candidates seem to be few and far between, and that’s where Weiner came in. He represented what could have been known as a newer, younger, feistier breed of Democrats, not the more traditional, Democratic candidates like John Edwards or Hillary Clinton.

I’m not a politician, but it seems to me that moments like the John Edwards situation, the Arnold Schwarzenegger situation, and this current Anthony Weiner situation all represent a dicey, slippery- sloped, double-edged sword, and once that sword is out; it’s only a matter of time before you are forced to slide down on it. The first edge of that sword is called public embarrassment, and the second edge of that sword is called public vilification, which is achieved through the cover up lies, and that’s the blade that hurts the most and does the most damage. Instead of saying, “I did not tweet tweets to that woman!” Future politicians might just want to do something totally unorthodox and say; ‘what can I say? I’m kinky like that!’ Maybe this way, the next politician on twitter won’t end up tweeted and defeated, although I do hope Weiner can weather the storm. The Democratic cupboards are bare enough already.

Bryian K. Revoner

Author of the book The Fear of Being Challenged: Democratically Independent; I Am the Realacrat