Dear GOP, Come, visit reality!

Dear Republican Party,

I have been unemployed for 18 months now. I have been laid off, not fired as what you all think. I have done everything to get re-employed, even going after minimum wage jobs, just get employed. I have even been scammed in my attempt to be re-employed.
Why do you hate the poor so much? Why are you protecting the wealthy that are considered a bunch of terrorist to most Americans?

I invite any elected or nominee of the Republican party, to spend a day with me or any other unemployed American. You will be proven wrong about your misconceptions of the unemployed. We are not lazy. There are some that are taking advantage of the system, of course. However that is only 1%. Most are hard working Americans and some unemployed are members of your own party.

Who would of thunk it? So are you saying that members of your own party that are unemployed, are lazy and don’t wish to work? I personally feel defeated every time I take state or federal assistance. However, I do have to pay rent, food, gas, car repair and so on. How will the poor banks, insurance and oil companies going to get their money if everyone is cutoff?

You must vote to keep the unemployment coming. If you don’t really care about America or the American people, then do for the Bank of America, AIG, GM, Citi Corp, Hallaburton, BP oil, Liberty Mutual, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Koch, Fox News, Raytheon, Goldman Sachs and the other contributors to the party. Do it for them. Will someone please think of the poor doe-eye CEOs?

John Thompson

*** please note ***
I never was a Republican, just independent. The “ex” part is a consumer strategy to get their attention. Feel free to copy it, add your name to it and send it to them.