How to turn the economy around in one year or less (without tax dollars)

Our country’s leaders do have the power to turn this economy around within a year. Yes, they can do this without using taxes or expanding debt.

Here’s what you do:

1) Give the banks an option. First choice is, loosen credit for small – mid size business so that they can hire more people. Or if they don’t then here’s what should happen. Make them pay a steep tax (or fee) to take someone’s house or car. Also hold them legally responsible for anything that happened in said car or house. (For Example; The “owner” of the house is growing weed and the DEA bust him. The mortgage writer or manager should go to jail too. If the “owner” of the car gets drunk and kills someone then the bank should be on the hook for liability too. Well they, the bank, owns the house and the car shouldn’t they share the fun of liability too?)

2)  Big corporations that ship jobs overseas. First choice is, bring the jobs back. Simple enough, right? What is done by a person who can barely speak English calling himself “Todd” in India, can be easily be done by an American. What can be assembled by a 12 year-old in Shanghai can be done by a 42 year-old in Detroit. Second choice is, tax corporations $100 per hour, per employee that they have overseas. And make them pay taxes. Might as well make it retroactive.

The latter would be triggered when total unemployment (that even includes people who are now off of assistance and people who just gave up looking) is greater than 6%. The law will be deactivated when unemployment is less than 6% for 6 months or more.

See Teapartiers! Not a tax dollar spent! And, companies make money because everyone is working. So the rich man that you love so much, and think if you play the lottery just right, someday so would you, would have money too.

Trust me, this will turn our country around in about 6 months to a year. The problem is, the elected millionaires in Congress could care less about America (there’s only a handful that truly do care).  They are patriots to the corporations not to Americans.