A Permanent Idiot Versus A “Temporary” President

?The election in 2012 is less than two years away and already, many Republicans are positioning themselves to be the nominee that faces off against Barack Obama in what looks to be one of the most hotly contested Presidential battles in American history.

Many have dropped out of the race, and now, Sarah Palin is looking to be the nominee who ends up representing the Republican Party. She has the backing of the Tea Party which has shown itself to be a game changer in Republican Party politics. And, she has called President Obama a “temporary President”. So how does she stack up against President Obama and why could she be a good thing for America?

Sarah Palin has never served a day in Congress. President Obama spent nearly an entire term in the Senate and worked in the Illinois legislature. So Obama has experience as a law maker. Sarah Palin served as the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, a town even smaller than my home town, and I assure you the mayor of a small town doesn’t do very much. Then Palin served one half term as the Governor of Alaska, the least populous state in the union, before she suddenly quit to take advantage of all the money opportunities offered to her. President Obama has been President for over two years now and hasn’t quit anything.

Sarah Palin was the last ditch, desperation choice to be John McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate. Barack Obama worked damn hard to beat Hilary Clinton to be his party’s nominee in 2008. He earned it. Up to the 2008 election, Palin had accomplished nothing but pandering to Big Oil, ethics scandals, and petty feuds. Barely vetted, Palin performed horribly throughout the 2008 campaign. Not only did she show Americans how ignorant she is, her strategy to counter Obama was to accuse him of being involved with terrorists, and to push the lie that he was a foreigner here to destroy America. She also performed horribly with the media. In one interview, she couldn’t tell us what the Bush Doctrine was. In yet another, she couldn’t name a Supreme Court case she disagreed with. Then she refused to answer questions during the Vice-Presidential debate. Ultimately, it was Sarah Palin that helped Obama win by a landslide.

Sarah Palin and Barack Obama both have families. The difference is that Palin exploits hers and Obama protects his. Throughout the election and beyond, Palin has exploited her kids for political gain, most notably during the health care debate when she accused Democrats of creating death panels for the first time. Most recently she has exploited her family once again by putting them through their paces on reality TV. And through this whole time period, she has vehemently complained and protested that her family should be off limits, when she was the one that placed them in the spotlight in the first place. But what is even more outrageous, is that when Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck began targeting President Obama’s daughters, she hypocritically said nothing about it. She had no complaints.

So how do they stack up policy wise? Sarah Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it. She is against gay marriage, clean energy, separation of church and state, abortion even in cases of rape and incest, and the 14th Amendment. She has argued that all muslims are terrorists, argued against Financial Reform even while complaining that Obama needs to fix the economy, argued against middle class tax cuts unless tax cuts were given to the wealthy as well. She is for the outsourcing of jobs and has incited violence against Democrats and President Obama. She is also against government run health care although she has hypocritically crossed into Canada to take advantage of health care there. She has said so many dangerous, false, outrageous, and ridiculous things and has become a punchline for Tina Fey. She refuses to address the media unless it’s Fox News, which is arguably not even a real news source. Not only do they toss her soft ball questions but they have her on the payroll. Her base is the Christian Right Wing that has so readily accepted her as their leader. To them, Obama is not THEIR President, Palin is.

President Obama is different. He ended DADT, passed the Affordable Care Act, signed Financial Reform legislation, supports freedom of religion, immigration reform, help for the unemployed, bringing back jobs to American workers, clean energy, a clear separation of church and state and tax cuts only for the middle class. His foreign policy is just as strong. He ended combat operations in Iraq and increased our role in Afghanistan. Obama is responsible for killing more terrorists than Bush ever dreamed of and gave the order for the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden. And muslims across the Middle East are demanding democracy. He has also improved our reputation among the international community. Mr. Obama has granted interviews to both right and left leaning media outlets and his base is nowhere near as extreme. Obama has also never used fear to scare voters. Whereas Sarah Palin once tried to derail health care reform by accusing Democrats of creating death panels, which was a total unsubstantiated, outrageous lie.

And how do they compare when dealing with tragedy and disaster? Take the Gulf Coast oil spill for instance. Instead of blaming the oil companies responsible for the disaster, Palin took it upon herself to blame environmentalists who had nothing to do with it. It gets more hilarious when you consider that Alaska has had oil spills in the past that it is still recovering from and yet Palin pushes for even more drilling in her own state. President Obama held BP responsible for the oil spill and forced them to create a fund to help the people in the Gulf region. And then there’s the recent shooting in Arizona. A few days after the tragedy, President Obama gave a rousing speech, urging unity and bipartisanship, while not blaming anyone but the man who pulled the trigger. Many people on the left and right made note of Sarah Palin’s 2010 midterm strategy map that depicted Democratic districts with cross hairs over them. But in her statement following the tragedy, all Palin did was defend herself and blame the liberal media as if she had done nothing wrong at all. Then she used the term “blood libel” to accuse her opponents of lying about her, which offended the Jewish community. To use a phrase of Keith Olbermann’s, “That woman, is an idiot.” Sarah Palin is not fit to run a country when she can’t even respond properly to disasters and tragedy. To her, it always has to be someone else’s fault or she makes it all about herself. That is not presidential.

Ultimately, the good thing for America is that Sarah Palin is controversial and has divided people. She’s also dimwitted. The majority of Americans do not believe she is even close to being qualified to be President. She has damaged Republicans among Latin Americans, African Americans, Arab Americans and even among women. The only group excited about her is white Christian conservative men, and the only reason they like her is because they think with the lower part of their anatomy. Ultimately, Sarah Palin is good for America because her being the nominee will easily sweep President Obama into office for a second term and perhaps cause Republicans to lose the House of Representatives in the process. She will lose among independents because they fear her lack of intellect. America wants an intelligent President and a President who knows what they are doing. America wants a President that knows their history and geography and can answer the simplest of questions. The Katie Couric interview is proof enough that Sarah Palin cannot answer simple questions, and you cannot run a country if you can’t even answer a question about what newspaper you read. If Palin did become President, the world would instantly lose respect for us, and would instead laugh at us, and take advantage of her ignorance and idiocy. She doesn’t have any solutions to America’s problems. The problems would double with her in the office. She’s a train wreck who quit governing so she could be in a reality show. Obama deals with the real realities every single day. Palin is not the kind of President America needs. America needs a President who wants to govern and is responsible. America needs a President who understands history and not one that just makes it up as she goes along, like when she stated that Sputnik led to the collapse of communism in her WTF response to the State of The Union address, which itself proves how unfit for office she is. With that said, the left wing will be fired up to vote against her and minorities and college students will come out in droves to vote for Obama and any Democrat on the ticket with him. Independents will vote overwhelmingly against her and conservatives will be largely split, with the most extreme conservatives voting for her while many moderates will cringe and vote against her. And even if she isn’t the GOP nominee, she could still be a third party candidate for the Tea Party and split the vote among conservatives.

So yes, Sarah Palin is good for America. Her candidacy will undoubtedly seal a victory for Democrats and give them a second chance to do the job they were elected to do in 2008. And that job is to do what is right for the country, and leave crack pots like Sarah Palin as nothing more than the smallest of footnotes in American history. Palin thinks Barack Obama is a temporary President (even though ALL Presidents are temporary), but in my opinion, it’s better to be a temporary President rather than a permanent idiot.