Death Unto Man, and Woman (A look at the GOP platform)

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Everyone knows that the GOP/Tea Party ran on the platforms of job creation and deficit reduction, and if you didn’t, you do now.  What they didn’t tell the voters is that they were also running on the platform of death.

Death: To seniors, to the unemployed, and, in the far future, death to all humans.  Look at the evidence, people.  We need to stand up and fight back.


Changes to Medicare and Medicaid remain wildly unpopular and more than two-thirds of registered voters want to repeal Bush-era tax cuts for households that make more than $250,000 a year, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll.

More than twice as many voters oppose efforts to change Medicare than those who favor limiting benefits under the popular health-care program for seniors. And a distinct majority opposes new limits on Medicaid, the federal-state health program for the poor.

What’s worse for the GOP, the numbers don’t change much when voters were told how much federal spending Medicare and Medicaid consume.

Can it be any clearer?  Let me spell it out for you.  Old people get sick more and more often as they age.  The older you are, the more potent even mild diseases get.  When you don’t have the money to pay for healthcare, you don’t try to find help until you absolutely have to.  This doesn’t even need to apply to disadvantaged seniors, but to all but the richest.  Even the middle-class has to make do with a limited income after retirement. Despite what may or may not be necessary, people will have to wait longer to get healthcare. The people know this.  What about the GOP? Seniors: Dead.


I’ll start in Michigan.  Michigan has been among the hardest hit states during our recession.  Governor Snyder, already up for recall, is only sealing his fate.  Just over a month ago:

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation into law Monday that lowers the maximum period for state unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 20 weeks, beginning in 2012.  (via

This is only getting worse for the unemployed in Michigan.  These benefits are the life-lines for the unemployed that are looking for jobs.  Six weeks is a long time when you’re looking for a job.  It can mean the difference between finding a job that can support your family properly, and a job that may or may not be able feed your family.  In Florida:

…Under the Senate bill, Florida’s unemployment rate — 11.1 percent in March — would have to reach 12 percent to receive the full 26 weeks.

Weekly benefits could drop down as low as 12 weeks if the state’s jobless rate were 5 percent or less.

Neither the House nor the Senate would adjust the maximum weekly unemployment payment of $275. A recent National Employment Law Project study showed that ranked 46th lowest in the country and that few received the full amount.


How is this going to help?  Unemployment benefits should never be on a sliding scale, especially based on how other people are employed!  How does your neighbor being employed, or unemployed, affect your plight?  How will YOU pay for food without any unemployment benefits, if you are ever in this situation?  Unemployed: Dead. (Or dying, at the very least)


Everyone but the GOP acknowledges the human-induced nature of Climate Change.  NASA, the Navy, the UN… the list goes on and on.  From so-called “alarmist groups” to the respected institution that flew humans to the moon, the danger is acknowledged.  I don’t think I even need a quote for this, it is so obvious.

By stopping initiatives in science, the right is effectively sentencing us to death.  We have a potentially huge crisis emerging.  If we plan to stop it before the environment is irreversibly damaged, and global ecosystems (namely, the oceans) are crippled, then the time to act is now.  Greenhouse gases will dissipate eventually, and if we stop adding them, the effect with be enormously smaller than if we keep pumping pollution into the atmosphere.

If you place a bomb beneath a building, and then leave it ticking, the damage is your fault.  Humans: Dead.


For all we make them out to be, I don’t think the Republicans are evil, so to speak.  Guided by greed and ignorance, they just happen to be killing everyone in their pursuit of money.  American politics are turning into a giant MMORPG.

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