The Republican No Fault, No Blame Phenomenon

The one attribute Republicans hold that no other group in world history can claim, is that they can do no wrong. Seriously! As remarkable as this claim sounds, just look at their track record.


The Economic Meltdown Was the Democrat’s fault

When Bill Clinton left office in early 2001, he left George W. Bush $300 billion in the kitty, and the CBO issued predictions for a $2 trillion surplus by the end of the decade. Instead, we had a $1.3 trillion deficit at the end of the Bush administration. Ah, you say! You think this is evidence of fiscal malfeasance on the part of the Republicans? Ha! Silly liberal… the real reason, is because when the Democrats took control of Congress in early 2007, they spent irresponsibly. Never mind that they didn’t, and never mind that the economy actually began slowing significantly the year prior, and never mind that Dick Cheney told George Bush not to sweat the economy, because “Reagan taught us, deficits don’t matter.” So as you can see, the Republicans deserve to be exonerated of any blame for the recession, and these hard times are clearly all the fault of the Democrats.


9/11 Clinton’s fault

Nine months into George W. Bush’s first term, the United States was attacked by Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda terrorist network. Now, I know what you’re thinking; you probably think that because it happened on his watch, and because he was handed a brief entitled “Al Qaeda Determined to Attack Within the US” just five weeks before the attack (that he never read), and because he refused to listen to Richard Clarke, the counter-terrorism expert whose job was to focus exclusively on al Qaeda, you probably think 9/11 was George Bush’s fault. WRONG! It was all Bill Clinton’s fault. Why? Because World Net Daily (ironclad *NEWS* you know) still claims Clinton had several opportunities to kill bin Laden, but chose not to. Therefore, the 9/11 attacks weren’t Bush’s fault. And if you don’t believe me, just go look it up at They’ve got all the answers — including an update of the latest theory on Obama’s forged birth certificate (posted May 8th, I swear!).


Housing Crises

You probably think the crash of the housing market is Bush’s fault too, right? Just because it happened while Bush was in the White House, and Bush himself kept promoting affordable housing for everyone via Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac? Pffffffttt. Nope. It’s ALL the fault of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Just ignore that Bush himself is seen multiple times on YouTube clips promoting Fannie and Freddy, and focus exclusively on Barney and Chris, and you too will soon see the light. It was all the Democrat’s fault.


Bush Gets Credit for Killing Osama bin Laden

And how about the nerve of the media giving credit to the Obama administration for killing Osama bin Laden? After all, it was George W. Bush who first said “He can run but he can’t hide,” which is no doubt what inspired president Obama! Had Bush not said that, it probably would have never occurred to Barack Obama that he should double-down on capturing bin Laden, or reinstate the CIA’s special bin Laden team that George Bush disbanded six years ago. So, thank you George Bush keeping America safe for eight years, and for killing Osama bin Laden! See how that works? When you seek the righteous path, it will reveal itself to you.


Iraq War Sanctioned by Democrats

And hilariously enough, some people have even tried to suggest George Bush was to blame for the Iraq War, and the failure to find WMDs. Can you believe that!? I know, I know… they’re just bitter. This too is nonsense. How do I know? Simple… because there are quotes from prominent Democrats saying Saddam had WMDs (many aired on Sean Hannity’s program dating back to 1990), so that’s that. Ignore for now that every last one of those Democrats also said that an invasion should be a last resort, and only after the UN weapons inspectors had positively concluded that Saddam did indeed have them. Picky, picky. The greater point is, we’ve got John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Teddy Kennedy all saying Saddam was a bad guy, so the real instigators were the Democrats, not poor George, who always seems to get blamed for taking bad advice from Democrats.


General Motors

And isn’t it wonderful that General Motors has made such a miraculous recovery? After all, that’s thanks to George Bush and the Republicans too! I know what you’re thinking; you think that just because the vote to loan GM the funds they needed was along partisan lines, with almost every Republican congressman willing to let the manufacturer fail, and cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their jobs, you probably believe Barack Obama deserves the credit for that. Well, guess what smarty-britches? George Bush, just before he snuck out of Washington, agreed to a portion of the GM bill, so most of the credit for GM’s success goes to him, not Obama. And how do I know that? Because Neil Cavuto said so!


Gas Prices: Obama’s fault

Watch this space! It’s coming………