Sarah Palin thanks Bush by name, but not Obama, in her speech about bin Laden’s death

Sarah Palin made a speech, regarding bin Laden’s death, on Monday. She thanked former President George W. Bush by name, but did not mention President Barack Obama’s name once. She acknowledged President Obama, just not by name.

Via Huffington Post;

In delivering a speech in Colorado on Monday night, Sarah Palin reacted to the death of Osama bin Laden and the path taken by the country to achieve the accomplishment.

According to multiple reports, Palin acknowledged President Barack Obama in her remarks, though not by name. She did, however, offer her thanks and appreciation to his predecessor George W. Bush.

“Yesterday was a testament to the military’s dedication in relentlessly hunting down the enemy during many years of war,” Palin said. “And we thank our president. We thank president Bush.”