We did not get Osama bin Laden because of Gitmo and waterboarding. or “Fight back against the ridiculous claims from the right wing”

By American Progressive Party

I keep hearing from bitter Republicans that we got bin Laden because of the information from Gitmo detainees. Well, I saw the CIA director under BUSH on CNN today, and he said no. It was from other CIA sites. I’ve also seen other counter-terrorism experts say that we got a lot of information from various different sources. It took years to get this mission right. A year’s worth of detail planning went into this as well as new intelligence. It was all bits and pieces and they finally came together. We did get some information from KSM in Gitmo, but he gave that up during STANDARD interrogation. Gee, if waterboarding works, why did we have to do it 183 times? Getting the courier’s name didn’t lead us straight to bin Laden. Furthermore, KSM was detained for like eight years. How would he know if bin laden even had the same courier?

I’m seriously getting sick of their nonsense. I can’t believe the nerve of them to thank Bush. Yeah, thanks a lot Bush for getting us involved in a distraction war. Actually, no, he does deserve credit. At least he ruled out a country. Too bad it took 4,000+ troops’ lives and hundreds and thousands of civilians and $800 billion. Other than that, great job…NOT!

I love how NOW they’re like, “I praise President Obama for continuing the groundwork that President Bush layed down.” Uh…yeah fuck off. More like Obama cleaned up a mess. He scaled back on Iraq and focused more on Afghanistan. Furthermore, Obama was criticized by “Country First” McCain for saying that if he had the chance to kill bin Laden if the Pakistani government wasn’t capable or unwilling to do it, he would make that a top priority.

I guess if Obama did continue Bush’s policies (sadly, he did in some areas), then why did assholes like Cheney et al say that Obama’s policies were making us less safe? Does that mean Bush made us less safe? Well, actually Bush did. He created more terrorists than fight them. Obama is half and half on that. My point is that to get bin laden, Obama didn’t use Bush methods to get him. Obama actually made great decisions when given evidence and facts. He didn’t get all trigger happy the way Bush would’ve gotten or any Republican would’ve gotten.

I’m really proud of President Obama, the national security team, the intelligence community, all the military personnel that helped gather the various intelligence, and the SEALS for everything that they did. When I first heard the news, I was shocked, and I was filled with ecstasy. Yesterday was historic. Hopefully, this will bring some comfort to the survivors and families of 9/11 victims. We must still be focuses on the threats out there, but it is okay to celebrate. Oh and please spare me the “It’s not okay to celebrate anyone’s death” stuff. This isn’t just anyone. He was an evil creature, and I’m glad he’s gone. I wish I could’ve taken the evil trash out myself. He was a coward. I don’t  care about evil creatures like him Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Gaddafi, Mubarak, etc. They deserve what they get.

Yesterday was a great day for human beings everywhere!