America and “The Money Tree.”

There once was a farmer called Mr. Corporation. The farmer planted trees, which he lovingly called The Consumers. Over the years he watered and nurtured them, and in return was rewarded with the fruits from the trees. This kept his family well fed and life was good. His wife, Mrs. CEO, would sometimes pick 30, 40 or sometimes even 50 bushels of fruit per year from each tree. He then met a man called Mr. Greedy Politician, who promised him the world on a silver platter, and more fruits than his family could eat. All he had to do was help Mr. Greedy Politician to squeeze the tree trunks with both their hands, which would make the trees bear more fruit than they normally would, by literally squeezing it out of them.

This sounded like a good idea at the time, so they started squeezing and they have been getting more fruits ever since — hundreds and hundreds of bushels more per year. Things were going so well that Mrs. CEO started buying everything she ever wanted to buy, not just what she needed, with the extra money from fruit sales. She attained so much status amongst her friends that she even changed her name to Mrs. Greedy CEO.

She and her new friends, Mrs. Criminal CFO, Mrs. Dishonest COO and the rest of the members from their exclusive, executive country club, were now able to spend as much as they had ever dreamed of, because their sleazy husbands were doing business together, reaping all the fruit the trees could produce. Of course, over a period of years the tree had been producing more fruit than a tree was capable of, and was now 10 times as worn down as it would have normally been. In fact, the other trees on other farms, which had not been subjected to such cruel punishment, had grown taller and stronger and were really flourishing.

Mr. Greedy Politician, and the farmer, Mr. Corporation, and his wife, Mrs. Greedy CEO, realized that the aging tree could not sustain them forever at this pace, and they hungered for more fruits, as there were more new things to buy with the profits. Mr. Corporation always hated paying taxes, so he and his country club friends told Mr. Greedy Politician to do something to pay them back for all their help in getting him elected; therefore, he gave them tax cuts, which kept him in good standing with them, and they allowed him to remain a member of their executive country club

They had seen in the past that other farmers who tried strangling their trees ended up killing those poor, unfortunate, insignificant trees, and they had no intention of easing up on their strangling of their own tree. So, what they did was team up with other farmers, to choke and pillage other trees on other farms around the country and globally as well. Can anyone save the trees? I’m sorry for the trees…
This is an excerpt from my book.

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