Exxon And Others To Pay Their Taxes…

It is quite annoying and indeed puzzling why the US Government has been powerless to stop the fleecing of the Taxpayers in this country, by rich Oil Companies who proudly declare massive profits, in the face of a recession that has caused record Foreclosures and Job Losses. One problem is the fact that these Large Companies…Oil and other types of Companies are now Multi National. They exist in the Clouds…in the Ether…in 1000 offices around the world, and no where in particular.

Their Money and Bank accounts are secret and wedged into little known banks in far off places many of us have never heard of. Some of these banks are actually owned by shell companies of the Multinational Companies so they can have many Bank Branches and Affiliated companies all over the world and thereby transfer funds from one place to another without having to legitimately pay dues to any one Country or entity.

In fact this “Banking Shell game” was how some Companies…one in particular, owned by Multi-billionaire steel magnate Fritz Thyssen, hid money from the Nazis with the help of none other than…The Bushes. This is all laid out here…http://www.rense.com/general26/dutch.htm

So…Exxon Mobil and many others are due to start paying taxes…in Venezuela. The Wily Mr. Chavez apparently has the balls of steel needed to sock it to these Oil Companies who up until now, got away with large profits while paying minimal taxes to countries, including the US. Apparently Mr. Chavez has decided to charge a Windfall tax of 20% on oil priced above $40 per barrel, the tax will raise to 80% on oil above $70 per barrel, between $90 and $100 the tax raises to 90% and above $100 the tax will be 95%. Venezuelan Crude Oil reached $94 on Tuesday.

I guess Mr. Chavez has decided that if the US does not want or need the Taxes enough to collect it, he will…and use it to run His Country’s social programs. Do you think the Oil Companies will not pay the Venezuelan Taxes? I suspect they will. Next question is, when we Subsidize the Oil Companies…Is that Socialism?

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