A Letter To Glenn Beck Regarding Reckless Endangerment (VIDEO)

Dear Glenn Beck,

It is illegal to shout “FIRE!” for no reason in a crowded theater because of the harm that it could cause to others. You can and should be charged with Reckless Endangerment for the causation of such acts, even if you yourself did not commit the harm being done.

Recently on your show you said that there is a plot by President Obama to create an Octavian Empire, and it is based on a willingness to kill “25 Million Americans.”

Mr. Beck, your words are dangerous with no intelligent reasoning to back them up. You are quite literally making up information by skewing things together in a fashion that can only be thought of as Sociopathic. Where you have absolutely no remorse for the actions that might take place from your words.

Do you think your words will not come without consequence? Do you think that by telling millions of viewers and listeners complete and utter fallacies, such as Obama and his “Empire” want to kill “25 Million Americans” that there will be no action in response to those terrifying words? You are not pulling the trigger but you are loading the ammunition to a terrible outcome.

People will want to defend themselves from their impending doom. They will look at anyone in opposition as a potential threat to their life and will think that they are protecting themselves and others in self-defense.

The blood will be on your hands Mr. Beck. You have shouted “FIRE” in an extraordinarily crowded theater, in a very volatile environment.

I ask of your apologies, and for you to denounce yourself and all you have said for the harmful lies that they and you are. You are an embarrassment to the United States of America, any party you are affiliated with, and the God you claim to worship. Shame on you.


Those that you are Demonizing

Video from Media Matters