Republicans Attack Young Electorate

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No matter which way you slice it, the 2008 presidential election was won by minorities and young people. Among older white folks an African American president was far less desirable. At least so the statistics show us.

Invigorated after a round of attacking poor people, workers, students, the middle class, women, rape accusers, the vulnerable and workers, Republicans are continuing their stampede towards the 2012 election by openly attacking the younger people who helped oust them in 2008.

In a series of co-ordinated moves around the country the GOP is once again looking to abuse their power, this time to infringe upon the rights of young American citizens who are of voting age, but are statistically unlikely to vote Republican by virtue of the fact they are young and getting an education.

Republicans are at work in 32 states to ensure that valid state issues identification would be required at the polls. This would mean that out of state students would be effectively shut out of the democratic process unless they or their parents have successfully claimed residency of the state where they go to school; an issue that probably won’t even be considered until the election rolls around and suddenly they find themselves unable to vote.

In Wisconsin, Republicans are trying to make college issued student identification an invalid method of proving identity at the polling station, and are trying to disguise their moves as an effort to reduce ‘voter fraud.’

I really am at a loss for words when it comes to the audacity of the Republican party. Back in the Bush era they were using voting machines that don’t have a proper paper trail or failsafe to ensure that votes are fairly counted. Remember the hanging chads and the electronic machines that spewed out statistically almost impossible vote counts, including impossible negative numbers for some candidates?

Now we have a clear attack on young American adults who have the legal right to participate in the democratic system, but are being conned with stupid and pedantic rules that do nothing but ensure that legitimate, legal American citizens are deprived of the right to vote.

First it was redistricting, next it was fraudulent methods of ‘counting’ votes, racial profiling, intimidation of the poor and vulnerable. Now we are attacking young people who are legally old enough, studying to be the next generation of professional people, but through some stupid scam/loophole/redtape or other Republican contrived nonsense are (if the GOP get their way) going to be deprived of their right to vote unless they are highly vigilant.

And while I hate to sound like a broken record here, what happened to the jobs? The 2010 election was about the economy and all the great plans the Republicans had to cut government waste, keep our taxes low (even if we are billionaires) and

    create jobs.

So far all we’ve seen is a radical push towards extremist policies that generally hurt women, the poor, the vulnerable, retirees, children, the disabled, the sick, and anything that has ever been endorsed by any Democrat.

After all this, we are now facing a Republican preemptive strike against college students on the basis that they are more likely to vote against the Republican party.

With every passing day we see yet another example of Republican crapulence, and it is incumbent on all liberals or left leaning people to be vigilant against these many and varied attacks.