Fight Back, Democrats!

Democrats finally held their ground against Republicans in Congress on Friday, taking a stand against Republican attempts to destroy programs that serve the public. Republicans had refused to back down and then late Friday evening, they retreated and accepted the compromise that Democrats offered earlier. The battle over the 2011 budget is over, but the battle over 2012 is just beginning, and we must stand against Republicans and fight back against them even harder if we are to turn back the red tide of conservative extremism.

Statistically, there are more Democrats in America than there are Republicans but something seems to be wrong with our fight or flight responses. On too many occasions, Instead of fighting back like our lives depend on it, many Democrats have just decided to let Republicans have their way or have endlessly tried to compromise with them instead of standing up to them. The conservatives in this country don’t care how many millions protest their harmful actions as long as they get their way. Every moment we wait to take action, is another moment Republicans use to stack the deck against us. There is too much we stand to lose if we continue to believe that compromise or laying down will bring us freedom, rights, and equality.

-Women’s Rights
Republicans have made no secret of their plans to curb the freedom that women have enjoyed. The GOP is trying to redefine rape and label those who are raped as accusers instead of victims. They want to investigate every single miscarriage that occurs and even if it is a natural miscarriage, it would only be too easy for the GOP miscarriage police to charge you for murder. Republicans have made it clear that they believe women are to be governed by men, and that women are only here to serve men. They are even trying to keep women out of the workforce, even single moms who absolutely must work. The GOP solution? Get married. If Republicans can do all of that, how long before they repeal your right to vote?

-Voting Rights
So, we could just vote out these people, right? After all, voting is just another way to have peaceful revolution. Not so fast. Believe it or not, Republicans are trying to strip the right to vote away from certain groups of people. Several Republican controlled states across the country are pushing bills that make it harder to register to vote, and harder to actually vote. Many Republican bills would actually remove hundreds of thousands of names off the voting rolls. If Republicans can slide down this slippery slope, its only a matter of time before everyone’s right to vote is threatened, especially if you are not a white male with property. This is clearly a scheme to disenfranchise voters, specifically those that support Democrats.

-Right to Health Care
Republicans are trying to strip health care away from Americans too. Under Paul Ryan’s budget plan, Medicare would be extinguished and if Republicans have their way, insurance companies would be given the freedom to treat their customers however they want to, meaning all the protections that the government put in place two years ago would be repealed. The GOP is currently attempting to end funding for the Affordable Care Act which would effectively end those protections. That means no health care for senior citizens, children, and the poor. And in Arizona, Republicans have their own death panels and are choosing who has the right to live and who should die. This is spreading to many states around the country.

-Citizens United
Since this ruling came down in 2010, big corporations, insurance companies, big banks, Big Oil, and Republican think tanks have poured billions of dollars into Republican campaigns which helped sweep Republicans into office last year. And those donors outspent Democrats by a good margin. We should expect even more money to end up in Republican coffers this year. And no matter how many individual Americans contribute to Democratic campaigns, it is no match for the kind of funding Republicans will get to drown out the American people. So Republicans are not only changing the voting laws, they are changing campaign finance laws too.

-Labor Rights
Republicans are already slamming anti-union bills through state legislatures in Wisconsin and Ohio, and are pushing the same kind of legislation in states across the country. On top of that, they are calling for the end of worker safety regulation and the elimination of the minimum wage. Workers would have zero rights and employees could reap in tons of cash while only paying pennies to their employees. Republicans and corporations also want Americans to work longer hours. And on top of that, workers could lose their health care and retirement benefits. This all comes at a time when the American worker is already struggling to keep their job because of Republican support of outsourcing. Unions and the funding power they bring to pro-labor Democrats are being destroyed simply to tip the balance in favor of corporations and Republicans. And its only going to get worse.

Republicans are already pushing bills that legalize the murder of doctors and nurses that provide abortions, have called for the killing of liberals, and have threatened to overthrow the government if elections don’t go in their favor. Gabrielle Giffords almost paid the ultimate price because of this call to violence. How long before they try to legalize the killing of liberals and Democrats? The fact is that conservatives across the country are already arming themselves and the way they think, killing unarmed liberals is perfectly fine as long as they do it for their “America”. Every single Democrat in America is a target. If Republicans can’t seize the government Constitutionally, they’ll just kill for it.

I’ve heard many people say that to win, all we have to do is educate. Well, Republicans are trying to take over education too. Not only are they out to defund and destroy public education, they are rewriting textbooks to focus on their version of history, more on religion, less on science, and the glorification of traitors, racists, witch hunters and the conservative philosophy. How do you educate people when colleges will be forced to either teach only conservative ideas or be shut down? Funding cuts are already going to keep young minds out of school, meaning they will be even more susceptible to the hatred and lies being spewed by the right wing.

-Freedom of The Press
The media won’t be free for long. Republicans already have a media outlet that twists facts and spreads Republican propaganda, and they want it to spread elsewhere too. Recently, Comcast, the owners of which are conservative, bought MSNBC. There is a very real threat that corporations that back conservatism will buy up the mainstream media and change the entire system to reflect a conservative viewpoint. They are already targeting PBS and that station isn’t biased at all. Republicans have also been violating Freedom of the Press by detaining members of the media who ask them serious questions. Republicans do not hide their disdain for journalists and believe that journalists ought to ask the questions they want them to ask. Losing the free press is a scary, dangerous, and very plausible scenario.

-Free Speech
We’re losing this freedom too. Republicans have already passed bills that kill our right to organize and protest. That’s exactly what the anti-union laws do. Many Republicans have even threatened to use military force to break up protests, especially in Wisconsin. So what will stop them from passing laws on the state level that curbs this right? In one state, Republicans have banned the use of the word “uterus” in the legislature and since a vote constitutes free speech, one could argue that taking voting rights away violates free speech as well.

-Freedom of Religion
Republicans have declared war on any religion that isn’t Christianity and are now pushing to declare America a Christian state and replace the Constitution with the Bible. To Republicans, if you don’t believe in God or Jesus, you’re an enemy of America, which is the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers believed. Muslims have been persecuted by Republicans since 9/11 whether they are innocent or not. Rhetoric against Jews is increasing. And atheists are being rejected as US citizens. It won’t be long before we are all required to attend church every Sunday and study the Bible in school. Many on the Christian Right and even mainstream Republicans are beginning to call for banning mosques and are claiming that the Constitution only protects Christianity.

-Discrimination and Racism
Republicans have been doing this for quite some time now but never as much as they have over the last two years. To Republicans, if you’re not white, you’re an inferior species which is why they have persecuted or discriminated against every single ethnic group in America. Republicans have called for rounding up hispanics and have called for repealing parts of the Civil Rights Act to allow open discrimination in the workplace, schools, hospitals, and many other institutions. Republicans have begun investigating the muslim population in America and have incited violence against muslims and their places of worship. The next step for Republicans would be to find a way to eliminate ethnic groups in America which they are undoubtedly taking. Republicans are also trying to make laws that allows the government to strip citizenship away from US citizens, whether you were born here or not. This would be a perfect way to strip rights away from liberals.

-Private Prisons
Republicans are supporting private prisons throughout the country. The problem with this is that the owners of these prisons will want more prisoners so that they can make even more money. This could most certainly mean that people end up going to prison that do not need to be there or worse, sending people to prison just for the sake of sending them there. Republicans could easily tip the scales of justice to send an overwhelming number of innocent minorities to prison. Or they could rig the system to imprison their political enemies. In other words, liberals could be sent to prison on a whim. And considering the fact that Republicans are killing funding that helps the poor get legal services, it would only be too easy for Republicans in many areas to abuse the system in an effort to take droves of Democratic leaning minorities off the voter rolls.

-Income Inequality
This is a serious issue in America today. Middle class income is falling while upper class income is skyrocketing. Republicans have greatly contributed to this disparity by passing tax cuts for the rich while gutting programs that help the poor and middle class to pay for it. While most of the American people are struggling to survive, the rich are able to swim in cash inside their lavish homes. The gap between rich and poor is getting wider all the time with more and more people ending up on the poor side every day. This makes the wealthy even more powerful come election season, when they can throw money around at will while the rest of us have to choose between giving to the Democratic Party or starving and freezing to death.

-Legislating Our Personal Lives
This issue is complete hypocrisy by the Republican Party. The GOP is constantly telling us that they want the government out of our personal lives, but they are the ones that want to legislate them. They want to ban sex before marriage, ban contraceptives, ban condoms, and tell us what we can and cannot do with our own bodies. Additionally, they want to pass laws that require people to own a gun. They also want to tell us who we can marry. In Mississippi, half of Republicans in a recent poll want to make interracial marriage illegal. And a majority of Republicans are all for killing gay people just for being born different. Republicans also believe we should ship the mentally and physically disabled out of the country. That’s yet another way to eliminate Democratic voters. So, do you still believe that retreat or compromise is the answer?

America is under attack my fellow Democrats. And right now the other side is stampeding over us, the Constitution be damned. Democrats in Congress have endlessly attempted to work with Republicans to no avail. We have initiated peaceful demonstrations only to be ignored by the Republicans in charge and independents have fallen asleep at the wheel, falling for whatever the GOP says. It doesn’t matter how many Democrats attend the protests, Republicans will continue to pass bills that seek to destroy the middle class, the poor, women, minorities, senior citizens, and liberals, unless of course we hold our ground and push them around for once. Polls overwhelmingly show that Americans disagree with Republicans, and yet they still pursue their evil agenda. One Republican, Mike Pence, recently let it slip that their goal is to get victory for the Republican people. Apparently victory for the American people as a whole doesn’t matter as long as Republicans get to seize more and more power in their effort to put us all under their thumbs. We must take our anger to the next level. Protests are only useful when the people you are protesting actually give a damn. In this case, Republicans don’t give a flying crap about the people they want under their feet. While they have power, they will continue to undermine American principles and will do whatever it takes to silence the Democratic Party and their supporters once and for all. Every moment we allow these tyrants to remain in office gives them more time to slam through damaging policies that hurt us. We must take action against these oppressors. It is time to initiate impeachment and recall proceedings against Republicans across the country and take back the United States government and every state government across the country and replace them with leaders that will protect our rights, our jobs, our health, our environment, our individuality, and our freedoms. Once upon a time, the founding generation in our country openly tried to reason with and peacefully protest the British government. When that government rejected the colonial arguments and became even more oppressive towards the colonists, our forefathers declared war on the British and forcibly removed all British officials from their seats of power in the colonies. Compared to the British government, Republicans today are far more oppressive. We went to war against the British then. We need to go to war against the Republican Party now. But our war doesn’t have to be bloody like Republicans want it to be. We need to use the ballot, while we still have it, to knock Republicans out of office, pass a Constitutional Amendment that bans corporate personhood, and pass new civil rights that grant equality to all the people of this country. To do this, we need to knock on every door, make phone calls, bring family and friends to the voting booth in droves, and make sure people vote for a straight Democratic ticket. President Obama isn’t the only candidate that needs our vote. Vote for Democratic senators and representatives in both national and state races and be sure to vote for liberal judges as they have the final say on passed laws. Our way of life is being threatened and so are our very lives. Talking to Republicans has not worked. Trying to compromise with them has not worked. And protesting against them has not worked either. Protests are a great start, but if we do not get Republicans out either through impeachment now or on election day in 2012 when we have the chance, they will have too much time to destroy programs and strip our rights away from us, and time to change the system in their favor. It is our patriotic duty to fight back. FIGHT for your rights! FIGHT for your freedom! FIGHT for your jobs! FIGHT for equality! FIGHT for your children! FIGHT for your children’s children! FIGHT for your lives! FIGHT for the future of your country so that your children will not have to! FIGHT BACK, Democrats! Spread the word, energize every Democrat/Liberal/Progressive you can find and march against these monsters. Fight for that beacon of freedom that shines brighter than any ray of light around the globe. Fight for the vision of America that our founding generation bled and died for. Fight for progress. Fight for MORE rights. Fight for the rights of others. Let us all fight back and sweep oppression, bigotry, hatred, fear, and greed far from our shores. Let us all fight back, and engrave our battle cry of freedom upon the pages of American history.