The Republican ‘Budget’

Isn’t this a terrific plan?

The right-wing of the Republican party, led by House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan has released their federal budget plan. Ryan claims it will knock off trillions of dollars from our national debt. He thinks it’s a great plan. And why not? It sure cuts out of a lot of bothersome “people” programs. Thankfully, most of the trillions of dollars of federal spending cuts only affect the health care of the old and the poor (Medicare and Medicaid), so that’s cool. Oh, and even with the $4 trillion in corporate tax cuts included in Paul’s “special” plan, our Treasury will still save trillions of dollars according to this financial whiz-kid.

Yeah, great plan there Eddie Munster. Break up Medicare into a voucher system used to obtain healthcare from private insurance companies instead of the United States government. I can just see an 85 year old grandmother with heart disease, diabetes, cancer or dementia shopping around for a policy from a for profit private health insurance company. I’ll bet they’ll be waiting in line like sailors at a brothel for good customers like her. What a brilliant plan! Especially since there’s no provision for it to be backed up by federal oversight. Bye-bye, grandma. What, did you think you had a right as an American to live as long as the average Costa Rican?

As for healthcare for the poor, this genius has another great idea. Just give states block grants of money to let them do what they want for their citizens. Healthcare for the poor, as with old, will be shifted away from the federal government and on to private companies and state governments. Bulletproof plan there Dr. Widow Peak.

Oh, and lets not forget the $4 trillion in reduced corporate tax rates (from the current top rate of 36% to an absurd 25%), this, despite the fact that due to all of the corporate tax loop holes, around 70 of the top 100 U.S. companies paid ZERO federal income tax last year anyway, many actually getting rebates… paid for by you and me.

So, that’s pretty much the gist of his Master Plan. Privatize Medicare with vouchers, shift Medicaid/Medical responsibilities to state governments and give trillions in tax breaks to big businesses. I mean, what could go wrong?

Of course his ridiculous plan has as much chance of becoming law as Sarah Palin has of being invited to join MENSA. What an anti-American, anti middle-class entity the Republican Party has become. They’re shameless whores to their billionaire overlords, as their ludicrous economic proposals clearly attest to.

I may hate what Republican politicians do (prostitute themselves to big business), but at least they’re clever enough to get paid for it. They obviously have no morals and no concern for the lower 98% of the population. Their true constituency is the top 2% of the population who pay to get them elected and reelected — but they survive because of the sheer ignorance of tens of millions of Teabigots and Fox News zombies who are so brainwashed, that they routinely vote against their own economic interests, time after time after time. And then they wonder why America is slipping down the porcelain fixture.

That’s the GOP of today. Beaten down by their own right wing racist Tea Party, and oblivious to the concerns of anybody but the billionaires who pay them to bring down the country. If Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan were to come back to life tomorrow, they’d both proclaim themselves liberal Democrats.