The Republican Budget Isn’t Good Enough

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Let’s preface this with the following; I am not one of those who would detract from the President because he’s not doing what I want him to every single second of his term. Those people,  however,  are out there.

The GOP controlled (I use the term lightly, of course) House of Representatives has submitted yet another stop gap measure, this one only for a week, to once again, forestall the shutdown of government services. This measure has been shot down by the Obama administration, favoring instead an all or nothing approach. This is both a good thing, and potentially a VERY bad thing. We have, in the House, currently, a number of sociopaths elected by the radical right wing who were trying to “throw the bums out” or “take back our country” in 2010.  Now, this is not name calling, look up the word sociopath. The unwillingness to compromise in the face of destroying the livelihood of millions of people fits that term quite well, but, I digress. These people would sooner see the Government shut down than compromise one bit on cutting spending. They also happen to have approved tax cuts that exceed the cuts they are trying to make. That’s not important. What is important, is that if our president continues to be seen as flaking out on his convictions, people are going to keep spouting ill informed and frankly, quite dangerous slander against him. The LAST thing we need thing this country never needs, is a teabagger president promoting fascism and corporate person-hood while detracting from the very programs that would make our nation great, like:

1)Better healthcare (healthier people go to work and school more.)

2)Better education (people who go to college make more money and tend to do more good for society, including people who go to medical school. [see 1])

3)Regulation of corporations (cleaner air and safe water anyone? How about not paying out the ass for power while the company that provides it is making record profits?)

4)Add your own in the comments section (A well informed public will always cast a better vote for the country than an ill informed mob.)

So, while I am NOT looking forward to a shutdown, I am looking forward to handing the teabaggers their ass on a silver platter in 2012. Failing that, I am looking forward to moving to a reasonable and well developed country that cares for it’s people, like Canada, or Belize.

If you’d like to read the article about the rejection of the stop gap written by a reporter, and not by an angry, outspoken nutjob, here’s the link:

GOP Proposes, White House Snubs New Republican 2011 Spending Offer