The Battle Over The Budget

The clock is ticking down, and a government shutdown is looming with no compromise in sight. After several temporary budget resolutions, both parties are already blaming each other for the shutting down of the government this Friday. But which side is really to blame?

Republicans claim that Democrats haven’t offered a budget. This isn’t true. President Obama has offered a budget with cuts, but the GOP has rejected it with that two letter word they know best, NO. Democrats have also been calling for cuts in the budget for two years now, but since Republicans have already rejected cuts in defense spending and an end to oil subsidies, it is pointless to offer any budget cut ideas that do not agree with the uncompromising jackasses of the right wing. That’s why Senate Democrats haven’t offered anything. Unless it matches Republican demands to the letter, it will be rejected.

There’s a couple reasons why Democrats are opposing the $67 billion worth of cuts. First, Republicans have conveniently avoided cutting ANY programs or spending that they agree with. Second, Democrats have already agreed to half of these cuts, $33 billion, which is a clear compromise by Democrats. But Republicans have even rejected that, with John Boehner stating that there is no compromise unless EVERYTHING is agreed to. What kind of a compromise is that? Every time Democrats have compromised, Republicans have moved the goal posts in the effort to get everything they want. That’s not how compromise works. Republicans picked a number, Democrats met them half way on that number, so Republicans should accept that. That is how people compromise.

I don’t see Democrats as the party to blame for a government shutdown. Democrats did their part and met Republicans in the middle. It is the Republican Party that refuses to accept any deal except the budget they have offered. And therefore, they are to blame for the impending shutdown. If Republicans are serious about cutting spending, they could slash the one trillion dollar defense budget by at least one third. That gives them $333 billion in cuts to brag about, which is far more than the $67 billion of pocket change they have suggested stealing from the middle class and the poor. Throw in the oil subsidies, which Democrats have in fact suggested, and that’s almost $400 billion. A government shutdown is a bad thing for the country and for the people that are trying to recover from the recession. A shutdown would slow down, stop, or even reverse the recovery effort. It would put 800,000 people out of work until the shutdown ends. Military pay for our soldiers would be halted. Gee, I thought Republicans supported our soldiers? I guess not. If you are waiting for that IRS refund, you can forget about that too because they will be suspended. Federal housing loans wouldn’t be guaranteed and as a slap in the face to those still unemployed, your unemployment benefits may be suspended. But Republicans don’t care about any of that. They only care about getting everything they want and are hell bent on slamming every bill they can through the House in an effort to destroy the middle class, and give more money to the rich. To hell with compromise.

What’s even more outrageous and downright hypocritical is the fact that Republicans whined constantly over the last two years that Democrats weren’t compromising, even though they were. But now when it is absolutely clear that Democrats are meeting Republicans in the middle, the GOP is turning their backs on compromise and therefore the American public in the process. In addition to the budget they want, they also want Democrats to accept defunding Planned Parenthood and an end to climate change funding as well. They are acting like irresponsible brats throwing temper tantrums, and that irresponsibility is putting America at risk. They have demonstrated that they have no interest in compromising or working with Democrats and that their true goal is the destruction of the middle class and the Democratic Party and everything Democrats stand for and support. Republicans are the ones ultimately responsible for any government shutdown and just like the previous shutdown in the 1990’s, Republicans should be blamed by the people. Just listen to the videotapes of Boehner to learn how full of crap Republicans are. Democrats have made their compromise. Its time for Republicans to agree to the compromise or shut everything down. It’s their move. They’re just too stubborn and too stupid to make the right decision.

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