Fox News North starts next month. R.I.P. Canada 1867-2011

Alas, we hardly knew ye...

Well, it’s a wrap.  Bye-bye nice, civil Canada.  Welcome new and improved Canada!  Now that Sun News, a self proclaimed 24 hour conservative network that will apparently be based on the FOX model of being full of shit, is set to start next month, it’s only a matter of time until Canada becomes a hyper partisan cesspool of Right Wing paranoia and hate.  Just like the United States!

From the Sun New press release:

“We’re taking on smug, condescending, often irrelevant journalism, we’re taking on political correctness. We will not be a state broadcaster, offering boring news by bureaucrats for elites and paid for by taxpayers,”

Translation: “The main stream media sucks and you should never listen to them.  They’re a mouthpiece for the government and run by snobby elites not real Canadians.  We’re your friend, trust us…”

““We will be unapologetically patriotic, we will offer the type of raw debate that Canadians only find today in coffee shops and around the dinner table,”

Translation: “We will be telling you, loudly and often, about how the liberals are trying destroy your way of life and how much more of a real Canadian you are than those traitors.”

Oh yeah, you’re totally screwed Canada!

Considering that Canada still has a law that forbids lying in the news, my guess is that Sun will keep it toned down until they can get that law repealed and then the full blown Right Wing agenda will flood the airwaves.

I don’t know Canada well enough to know what their wedge issues are but one can safely assume we’ll be hearing all about them in the next few years and how they are most imminent threat to Canada EVER!

Canada’s only hope is to keep the anti-lying law on the books or to mobilize the Left in force before it’s too late.  If not, kiss universal health care goodbye, so long to a high quality of life, adios to civility and hello to anger, fear and no social safety net of any kind as you’re sold off to the highest bidder.

O Canada!

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