The Liberal Revolution!

Fear not!  The Right hasn’t done enough to warrant a revolution (yet).  That’s not to say there has never been a revolution sparked by the liberals.  Liberalism has a long and rich history of creating change when it is needed the most.  The most important changes occurred during the  1800s, with the change from Absolutism to Constitutional Monarchies and Republics.

The Atlantic Revolutions

It was during the “Age of Enlightenment” that the American Revolution, and revolutions of nearly every European colony in Central and South America, occurred.    We’ll concentrate on Spain and the United States.  The American Revolution was largely a result of tyrannical (conservative) English rule.  The 13 states all agreed that they had to go.  In order to make sure that a king was not placed in power after the English were defeated, the country was founded upon the works of a man named John Locke.  John Locke is perhaps the most famous liberal philosopher, and his writings are the basis of our Constitution.  Our Constitution was founded in the hope of achieving equality and freedom for all.  As noted previously, this is the same belief the liberalism is centered around.

During the 1800s, Spain was the country with the most power invested in their king.  Phillip II of Spain revolutionized conservative government and absolutism.  Phillip enforced religious unity, and he used his total power over the colonies to finance his crusade.  In 1820, this all changed.  Liberals forced the king to issue a constitution, which set off a chain reaction in Central America.  Fearing the king would enforce the reforms taking place in Europe in Central America, conservatives reached out to the revolutionaries, founding a new state.  A few short years later, the monarch was toppled by the same liberals, establishing the Republic of Mexico.

Why It Matters

Conservatism has always had its roots stuck deeply into maintaining the social order that they see at the time as the “correct” one.  It doesn’t matter if it is Absolutism in Europe, or Christian power in the United States, the essence of the Conservatism movement has always been the same.

Our current Right is having the same problem as conservatives have always had: They don’t want to serve the people, they only want to serve themselves.  In the 1800s, conservatives resisted change because the slavery system was immensely profitable.  Now, the Conservative movements supports oil companies, pharmaceutical corporations, and other large businesses.  They do this for the money– these companies pay for them to get reelected.  This cycle is the same as it always has been.

On the social side, the Right wing is about the same as it has always been.  Our right is dedicated to forcing their religion on everyone else, much like the conservatives of Enlightenment Europe tried to do.

We should all be proud to work for the engine of change! Conservatives who read this, you too will one day agree with everything the liberals say now.  It’s how it has always been.  Liberals force a positive change, the conservatives fight it, accept it, then eventually claim to have supported it all along.  It’s the circle of life.

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