Ignore The Distractions.

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A while back, I posted about Michigan and other states engaging in open hostility to democracy itself. This, however, is only a means to their real end. What they want is more money. A close look at the legislation being pushed by the right-wing will reveal their true intentions. They, however, are very good at putting in distractions in the way that serve a two-fold purpose: the distractions distract(obviously) the left and/or they are to trick their party’s constituents into voting for people that hurt them.

What do I mean by distractions? I mean the majority of the social issues that are pushed. They also put out bobbleheads to spout nonsense so they can claim the mean old liberals are picking on them. Some of these bobbleheads even falsely claim they are lawyers even though the school they got their Juris Doctorate from lost its accreditation the year of their graduation because it was unable to produce a competent graduate. The GOP and Teabaggers want the left to focus on these easy targets instead of their real agenda.

They’ve even revealed that the GOP doesn’t even actually believe in their issues. In this case, gun legislation was drawn up that no sane person would support. The intent of the bill was never to actually expand gun rights; it was never intended to pass. What was intended was for the left to oppose the outrageous bill(which even the people pushing it do) so that the GOP can paint the left as anti-gun. Unfortunately for them(but fortunately for those seeking the truth), they were caught calling their own bill “the crazy give a handgun to a schizophrenic” bill.

They even disguise their real intent behind issues they don’t really care about(but their constituents do). Do the GOP really care about abortion? No. They wanted to defund Planned Parenthood for the same reason the Dems wanted to keep the funding-it provides free or low cost medical services to women. It’s the same reason they opposed the healthcare bill that actually could have legitimately been called Obamacare(As the twin of the GOP’s Clinton era plan it has become. They actually support this one, but now can, and do, blame it on the Dems because they know now and even in the Clinton days that it’s a terrible plan)-healthcare is big business and big business is more important to the GOP than the People is. That’s why for almost every program cut(on both the state and federal levels) is balanced by huge tax cut for the rich and corporations which ship our jobs overseas(many of which actually pay zero dollars in taxes already).

Even the recent events in Libya confirm the distractions. Newt Gingrich ranted about how we needed to enforce a no fly zone. As soon as Obama did it, He said it was a bad move and that he never would have done it. Good old Bill O Reilley was on a moral stance that we should go into Libya to keep people from dying, yet as soon as Obama started enforcing the no fly zone this week long mission suddenly cost too much(as opposed to the ten years in Iraq).

They go so far in the distractions as to create imaginary threats. Do you know who is trying to force Sharia on the US? I don’t either. If only we had an Establishment Clause. Unfortunately, the GOP used 9/11 to help the terrorists win-Islam has become a dirty word. We had panels set up to investigate all Muslim citizens under the guise of defense from terrorism even though the terror attacks from white Christian right-wingers(despite what O Reilley says) vastly outnumber those of Muslims in number and frequency.

They don’t believe in helping people. They don’t believe in fixing the economy. They don’t believe in balancing the budget. All they believe in is the almighty dollar for themselves and they don’t care if they trample on Freedom and Democracy to get it.

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