What Can You Really Pass to Your Children?

I’m not here to talk about genetic biology.  I’m actually here to talk some more about indoctrination.  It’s nothing new, of course, oppressive regimes have been force-feeding their children their philosophy since people were intelligent enough to have preconceptions based on looks or actions.  Hitler, of course, had youth groups.  The Soviet Union as well had their own youth group.  Religions have youth groups and even sports teams have youth groups.  This is all part of an elaborate scheme, on the part of each of the groups I named above (and thousands more) to create an environment in which children grow up believing in one philosophy, and discrediting all others.  Think, for a moment, about how old a Christian-born child is when he or she has her first communion.  The correct answer would be around second grade.  Does anyone have the experience to make an important decision like religion or politics when they are in second grade?  During the Cold War years, Americans constantly accused the USSR of indoctrination, but the same people doing the accusing turned around played the Star Spangled Banner in their schools every morning.  This culture of no-choice is leading to a closed minded world.  People are unwilling to compromise on anything, because their entire lives they have been told that (insert topic or group of people here) is evil.

Allow me to shift the focus to politics.  I was substitute-teaching today for a friend of mine (I’m not a teacher, but in Michigan, you only need a degree to substitute), and I had to stop an in-class discussion that went too far.  Allow me to give a background story:  It was a world history class discussing reasons they would commit to a revolution. The typical things came up, with ideas like oppressive governments and the sor.  One apparently bright boy said he would probably rebel in the case of his national government going to an immoral war.  He continued on to say that a perfect example of this was the Iraq War (the more recent of the two).  At this point, I thought it was time for a little class poll, so I asked who agreed that they we should have invaded Iraq.  Three or four kids put their hands up, mostly tentatively.  One girl, however,  was adamant that Bush was right (not just about that, but everything else too. Including the phone-tapping fiasco).  I let the debate go back to normal, and it turned out that a fight had been brewing for a while.  Little Liberal, I’ll call him Alex for the sake of it, turned out to know exactly what he was talking about.  Little Conservative, I’ll use Jen, didn’t.  Clearly, this was a case of choice vs. indoctrination.  I only let it go so far, because it was pointless to keep letting Alex humiliate her.  Alex had won the moment he started.  I had to intervene when Jen was reduced to the brink of tears.

This story has a moral. A very important one, if you ask me.  It is not any wonder to me that the one who chose his stance was prepared.  He knew what he disliked about the other side, he knew what he liked about his own side.  He was even willing to throw President Obama under the bus for his intervention in Libya.  This kind of independence of thought is very rare, especially in high school, where actual thought is the exception, not the rule.  On the other hand, Jen grew up in a home where only one ideology was tolerated.  It showed when she tried to defend it.  She didn’t know where to start, because she had only ever listened to her parents saying it was right.  I’d be willing to place money on the idea that her parents would have faired much the same, although it is by no means certain.

The right wing NEEDS this process of inherited political thinking.  The policies they endorse make no sense (http://www.addictinginfo.org/2011/03/18/a-contrasting-look-at-10-of-the-republican-party%E2%80%99s-top-priorities/), so they need to create an army of followers that live by the golden rule of conservative politics:  Don’t question anything. Ever.

The conservative revolution is on the brink.  Right now is the time it will either be defeated, or the headlines in November of 2012 will be “Sarah Palin Wins 2012 Election.”  With declining birthrates, this policy of indoctrination won’t work forever.  Eventually, the Republican/Tea Party will be forced to choose between continuing with their political suicide mission to alienate anyone and everyone, or actually keeping a few votes.  When that time comes, well, I hope I’m still around so I can see them crash and burn.

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