Delaware Senate Approves Medical Marijuana

At around 4:20 (Yeah, really) on 3-31-2011, Delaware moved one giant step towards legalizing medical marijuana for suffering patients. The Delaware State Senate has passed SB17 by a vote of 18-3. I got word from Senator Anthony DeLuca’s legislative aide, Valarie McCartan. The bill now moves to the State House where it is figured to pass as well and the Governor has stated previously that he intends to sign the bill. Hooray for Delaware.

Also, on the same day, Delaware’s “Civil union” bill was passed by committee and it too, moves to a vote by the full Senate.

While some states are moving regressively back towards the 20th and even 19th centuries, it’s nice to see at least 1 state, our 1st State (Delaware was the 1st official state of our union we call the United States) is moving in the right direction, forward.

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