Weekly Standard: The Koch Brothers Are Innocent Victims of Liberal Hate

The Weekly Standard, that fair and balanced website, has written an embarrassing love letter to the Koch brothers.  It’s a bit lopsided so I took the liberty of pointing out some of the more…glaring issues with it.

About the now-infamous prank call to Gov. Walker:

Anger washed over David like a red tide. He’d been victimized by some punk with a political agenda. “It’s really identity theft,” he told me a month later, during an interview at Koch Industries’ headquarters. “And I think it’s extremely dishonest to misrepresent yourself. I think there’s a question of integrity. And the person who would do that has got to be an incredibly dishonest person.”

HE was the victim?! I’m sorry, did i miss something? The only victims were Walkers’ political future and the voters of Wisconsin.  I wonder what Davids’ opinion of the ongoing farce that is James O’Keefe’s “journalistic career”? Think he’ll be publicly denouncing O’Keefe any time soon as an incredibly dishonest person? Nah…

Moving on:

“In the liberal imagination the Kochs ascended from obscurity to infamy in record time.”

There’s a 500 pound gorilla sitting in the room that conservatives refuse to acknowledge in their desperate flailing to dismiss liberal concerns about the Kochs: Scott Walker, one of the most powerful Republicans in the country, not only took the call from “David Koch” but spent 20 minutes, 20 minutes!, in the middle of the mess that was the Wisconsin Capitol to brag about how awesome he was and how important his work was in breaking the unions all over the country. Walker even discussed the underhanded tactics he was thinking about using to force his law down the unions’ collective throat.  Sure, Koch is very rich and very powerful but is it even remotely conceivable that Walker would have had that conversation with Warren Buffet or George “the source of all liberal evil” Soros?  Under what possible circumstances would Walker be that open with a total stranger that, according to the article “didn’t know him at all?”

The only reasonable conclusion is that Walker thinks of the Koch brothers the same way liberals do: as a driving force behind the conservative agenda. He was excited to show off to someone he thinks of as a benefactor and a superior in the hierarchy of conservative power.

When discussing the Koch’s “non-involvement” with the Tea Party:

“Some of them [tea partiers] even joined a group called Americans for Prosperity—which the Kochs helped found and partly fund.”

Yeah that’s like saying “Some of them joined the Manson family founded by Charles Manson” and expecting us to believe that Manson, himself, had no say in what the family does. By the way, thank you for supporting the liberal assertion that AFP is an astroturf organization!  Good job!

Another little tidbit in this ode to the Kochs that is just downright hilarious:

“For progressives confused at the heated opposition to their do-gooder agenda, the Kochs became convenient scapegoats”

“do-gooder”: A naive idealist who supports philanthropic or humanitarian causes or reforms” or “a well-intentioned person, esp a naive or impractical one” via thefreedictionary.com

Wait. What? I thought liberals were evil Nazis out to destroy America and slaughter all you know and love? Well, gosh darn! I thought I was signing up for world conquest and nonstop rape and pillage! NOW you tell me I’m just someone goofy, misguided person trying to make the world better? How am I supposed to get my money back for the SS uniform I bought?! And what about all the shallow graves I dug for my future victims? All that hard work wasted!

Next time someone calls you a Nazi just tell them that no less an authority than the Weekly Standard says you’re actually a do-gooder and give them a big hug.

For more Koch whitewashing, click on the link:


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