Other Official State Items We Need in Arizona

Arizona Now has a state gun. It’s the Colt Single Action Army Revolver the state firearm. While that’s a great historic firearm, it’s tame next to today’s standards.(link)

What we really need for the state gun is the Pfeifer .600 Nitro Express Magnum. (Learn more here) Not only is this gun the most powerful handgun on the market, it costs more than $17,000 in 2008 dollars. Since the Arizona is all about helping the rich with tax cuts and arresting the unclean, shouldn’t the state gun be one only the rich can afford?

We have a state gun in Arizona, and that’s what’s important.

States have flags, official flowers, official animals, official plants, official foods and other official items.

However, we need some other bills creating new official state items to represent an over changing state.

1. We need an official state torture. I suggest water boarding while listening to Glenn Beck and eating a Joe Arpaio month old baloney sandwich. Any torture can be our state torture, for they are all good.

2. Atlas shrugged can be the official state book and the Bible can be the official non-fiction book.

3.  Official state motto: “Arizona for Arizonans, the White Ones!”

4. The official state disease: Valley Fever.

5. The State Missile: The Cruise Missile made right here in Arizona.

6. The official state border crossing; changes weekly.

7. Official State Religion: Mormonism

8. The Official State Prison: Maricopa Country Jail or where ever Joe Arpaio is currently working.

9. Official state lost job: construction worker.

10. Official Endangered Species: The Moderate Republican. There are a few left, but they are in hiding waiting for the other gavel to drop.

Please comment and add your own. It’s easy and you won’t be “registering”. You might even win a prize.

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