Oliver North mad at Obama for sidestepping Congress. No, seriously.

I am not a thin person.  To be honest, I’m fat.  As a fat person I possess neither the right or the chutzpah to tell other people how to lose weight.

Oliver North is not a fat person. He is, however, a convicted felon stemming from the Iran-Contra affair.  You know, the one where President Reagan “forgot” to mention he was breaking the law by going against the Congress’ explicit directions?

The fact that the ACLU, that filthy liberal organization that conservatives hate until it’s helping them, got the verdict voided does not change the fact that good old Ollie helped his President ignore Congress to do as he pleased.

In light of this fact, while Ollie may have the chutzpah (or rather, the gall) to complain about President Obama committing the US to military action in Libya without seeking approval from Congress, he has no right to do so, under any circumstances.

That’s like taking marital criticism from Newt “For the no-fly before he was against it” Gingrich.

His main complaint about not having a clear objective in Libya is strongly reminiscent of his very vocal condemnation of the Bush administration for its lack of strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just kidding!  Ollie would never criticize a President during wartime.  That would be unpatriotic!

Unless it’s a Democratic President, of course.

Just when you think the hypocrisy could not possibly run any deeper, it hits a new low…

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Image from http://www.mugshotalley.com/politician-mugshots/oliver-north