New Law; Mandatory Ultrasounds to Get an Abortion

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It’s a terrible thing, deciding whether to have an abortion. Sometimes it’s about the mothers health, sometimes it’s a child never wanted, for intercourse never desired. Sometimes the child would never live to see a week. Now, the anti-choice armada has another gun on the ships. Guilt. Many states now require or offer an ultrasound of the unborn child before an abortion is performed, and several more are in the works.

Via NPR;

State legislatures are considering a new wave of abortion restrictions this year. Some require longer waiting periods to get abortions. Others would direct doctors to show women ultrasounds of fetuses.

But critics say new conservative lawmakers are pushing these bills to test the limits.

If South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signs a newly passed bill, women seeking abortions will now have to wait 72 hours after their initial visit to a clinic before having the procedure done in that state. The bill also requires counseling at a crisis pregnancy center.

“We already know that it’s an unborn child that’s being aborted, and a 72-hour wait time is certainly not too much to consider when you’re taking the life of an unborn child,” says Valerie Johnson, of South Dakota Right to Life.

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