Big Business Loopholes and Bipartisanship

This is something you might not want to hear.  If you don’t think you can keep an open-mind for about thirty seconds while I explain my position, you should probably be a conservative.  I’m not suggesting anything drastic, just a partial ceasefire.

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I would never expect the right-wing to stop their fear-mongering.  Nothing scares them more than the illusion of danger, from socialists, communists or Muslims (whoever it happens to be at the time) being popped for their followers.  What I want is bipartisanship in the few cases where both sides actually agree.  KV Pharmaceuticals has done enough to piss off both sides.  Now is the time to take action, and show the country that the two parties working together is possible.

Not everyone is firmly Democrat of firmly Republican.  These people just want the best government possible.  I don’t like the policies, and I certainly don’t like their current actions, but like it or not, the Republican Party is not going to go away because we yell at it.  Creating an uncrossable chasm between party lines is not going to help.  There are always going to be issues no one will agree on:  abortion, tax laws and health insurance, just to name a few.  However, if we are going to survive as a united country, the small things need to become focus points of joint policy.

Liberals dislike KV Pharmaceutics because they are  a big corporation abusing loopholes in monopoly laws for their own gain, at the detriment of the general population.  Conservatives dislike KV Pharmaceutics because the company is compromising their firmly pro-fetal stance.  Republicans are pro-fetal and Democrats are anti-corporation.  Very different stances, given a common ground.  A starting point, perhaps, for working together.  Frankly, it is the best way of getting things done.  As Confucius said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

I know this is not a particularly moderate site, but extremism is the sort of thing that doesn’t gets problems solved.  Yelling and screaming alerts people, helps them make decisions, but until enough people realize that the right wing is going to drive our great country into the ground, and sacrifice the principles upon which it was founded in doing so, we need to solve the problems.  The world will not be put on hold while we figure out our problems.