Michele Bachmann’s Lies About Her History– Is She Hiding In Plain Sight?

Image by Michele McGaughey from http://www.flickr.com/photos/michele123mstudios/5932151257/in/set-72157620866357414

I started to uncover something about Michele Bachmann on my own, but did not realize Anderson Cooper had already done this search on her previously. However, what is most disappointing is just that, I had no idea. Why is the media or even journalists not taking this information and running with it? I am just a girl sitting behind my computer with limited resources. I am doing my best to uncover what Bachmann is hiding, because she is in fact hiding something. Her outlandish accusations and public displays of utter stupidity may seem as just whimsy, ditzy remarks, but I personally feel there is something more sinister behind it. Her husband is a PhD psychologist; therefore, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Michele is well versed in how to lead the public eye away from the real truths. I took only 2 years of psychology and can tell you how to do it.

What first intrigued me about Bachmann, along with many others I am sure, is the fact when she speaks she has a blank stare. Now others may have looked at that said, ‘Well that is because her mind is blank”, but I do not believe that is the case. There are many reasons why someone may appear as though they are in a trance; this is nothing more than my personal opinion. (Avoiding potential libel here.)

I think she is a pathological liar. (Yes, I hear all of the “duh’s”), but let me explain the difference between a ‘liar’ and a pathological liar. A liar is just someone who lies repeatedly; mainly to not get caught in something they have done or even to manipulate situations. A pathological liar takes the basis of being a liar and emphasizes it. Here is the best definition I found “Pathological liars have little regard for the feelings of others or the morality of their lies. Pathological lying is frequently associated with another mental disorder. Compulsive lying is often referred to habitual and chronic lying, which is lying about many things simply out of habit. Both types of lying are believed to begin during childhood.” Definition of a Pathological Liar | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5117545_definition-pathological-liar.html#ixzz1HMyCxbWu

The biggest difference between a ‘liar’ and a pathological liar is the fact that the pathological liar actually believes they are telling the truth. They have concocted this whole story within their own mind and hold it is an actual fact. These types of people can pass a lie detector test with no problem. Basically, even if you told a pathological liar the sky was blue, they would say no way it is green and actually believe it in their own heads. These types of people are extremely volatile to society and especially in a political office. We may make fun of politicians for lying, but the fact of the matter is, 98% of them KNOW they are lying. I do not believe Bachmann realizes she is being false half the time because she has convinced herself otherwise.

Now, getting back to my other article (I realize I went off on a bit of a rant, but I believe understanding the woman is important in this case). So, after I posted my other article, I had some people find her name in the Minnesota Judiciary Files. I will admit, I did not find it there because I did not look there. Why did I not look there? Well, one because in 1986 she just graduated from a school based out of Oklahoma and then went on to another school in Virginia. I searched those states because I figured those would be most likely where she would take her exam. It was my mistake and I do apologize for not searching the national database. However, I did have a few people do some leg-work (well ‘finger work’ – yes I realize that can sound naughty) and this is what they found: http://www.mncourts.gov/mars/AttorneyDetail.aspx?id=0179863. Basically, this just says that she filed for her license and received it for MN Judiciary Branch on Dec. 19, 1986, but it is no longer active because she voluntarily has not paid since Jan. 5, 2009. Normally I would have been like “Oh my bad whoops I am sorry” (I am sorry for not thoroughly searching enough), but this actually poses a greater question – well a couple questions really. In 1986, she was in Oklahoma at least until June when she graduated from Coburn. She then graduated from William and Mary Law School in 1988, which is located in Virginia. When did she move back to Minnesota to take the bar?

For those that want to argue “What about her maiden name for the bar?” or “Maybe she just went to school in OK”. Both are good questions, and ones I asked myself to make sure. Here is what I found, “The couple married in 1978 and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma.” So, her and her husband lived in OK while Michele went to Coburn School of Law. Now on her bio on the congressional website she lists only her high school and Winona State University. Now, if I was an attorney and spent thousands of dollars at multiple colleges, they would definitely be on my bio, so why did she list them on hers?

I did a search for her in the national database for attorneys and her colleges are listed as Winona and Oral Roberts University where she achieved her JD. This was found on the Martindale website (http://www.martindale.com/Michele-M-Bachmann/760284-lawyer.htm), which was generously provided to me by a commenter from the previous article. Now, Oral Roberts is not a law school, Coburn was the affiliated school with Oral Roberts, which was the actual law school. However, since 1979 (see previous article) it was under investigation as not being accredited as a law school because of the intermixing of law and religion. (At this point I am seriously having a wtf moment – you betcha’). Now, what strikes me funny is it lists as her law credentials, (what kind of law she practices) as tax and criminal tax litigation law. However, if that is the case, why is William and Mary School of Law not listed? She did say she went there and received an LL.M in tax law as her post-graduate degree.

Well, Anderson Cooper had the same question. Another commenter on the Addictinginfo.org Facebook page made a reference to an article on the Daily KOS Basically, they uncovered that William and Mary does NOT offer a degree in tax law. The only LL.M I found W&M to offer is title as an LL.M for foreign students. Now, the Daily KOS also said it is not possible or nearly impossible to obtain a tax law degree, which is half true. I just did a basic google search on this and this is what I found: (http://www.ehow.com/how_2107018_become-tax-attorney.html) It explains how to become a tax attorney. I am sorry, but there is NO WAY Bachmann is a tax attorney – NOT possible.

I personally do not believe she is even an attorney at all, considering her ‘law schools’ are very questionable to begin with. One law school is not in existence because they were FORCED to close for not being accredited. I even did a search on the American Bar Association website to see if Oral Roberts was an ABA approved school – nope. William and Mary is, but where is the proof she actually went there?

This only leads to more questions and actually it could lead to some legal problems – criminal – for Bachmann. This is if she is really telling the TRUTH about trying cases for the IRS as a tax attorney. The last article I wrote, I spent of the time looking for cases she tried, but came up empty, which is not unusual, but now it is down and out-right suspicious. If she did NOT try ANY cases, then this just proves she is a pathological lair and she is not fit for public office.

Something needs to be done about this woman. Since she is a public employee, the public has the RIGHT to know. Who is Michele Bachmann really? This is a strange woman hiding in plain sight. Saying such outlandish and over exaggerated things about the President seems to be just a rouse so we do not dig into who or what she really is.