Victory for immigration rights. In ARIZONA?

It’s not often that we get to report on good news coming from Arizona these days, but yesterday, just that happened. A recent bill to go before the state legislature would have prevented Arizona from recognizing the children of immigrants as state citizens, but happily, there was a shocking victory in this fight. Meanwhile, in Utah, legislation is in the works to offer illegals a legal status if they can meet certain criteria.

Immigration as an issue has been on the sidelines as of late, with attention focused on international crises, federal fiscal issues and state governments fighting with labor unions.
But there are a couple of immigration stories to take note of this Friday. First, Arizona’s may have gotten a lot of attention last year for its controversial anti-illegal immigration legislation requiring tougher enforcement.
On Thursday, however, Arizona lawmakers, including Republicans, beat back efforts to pass birthright citizenship legislation and other bills targeting illegal immigration.

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