“A Closed Mind Is A Wonderful Thing To Lose” or Why the Right Wing Loves to Indoctrinate

I’ll come right out and say it: Indoctrination really does work.  When you tell a person something again and again from the time they are old enough to understand, they will usually come around to your way of thinking.  Not only the extreme-far Right wing is guilty of this, all conservatives are guilty of this.  Conservatives promote old-world family values, old-world religion and the general conservation of social and political views.  That is not say the Republicans support conserving everything. You only need to hear what they think about climate change and fuel sources to understand this.

Nearly all groups are guilty of indoctrination in one way or another-it isn’t possible to avoid expressing your opinions in conversation with someone else.  Religions do it, political parties do it, McDonald’s does it.  It is the aggressive indoctrination that is wrong. I had a friend with whom I differed on one fundamental aspect of our lives: she was devoutly Christian, and I am an outspoken atheist.  Long story short, I am an “idiot” for not believing in her God. I know, this is to be expected.  “Atheist” is used in the same connotation as evil.  It happens all around us.  Justin Rosario goes by “Filthy Liberal Scum.” This is exactly the Right-wing’s philosophy. The name mocks it, but that is really what they believe (notice how beliefs play a big role in conservative policy). All liberals, all atheists, or anyone that does not agree 100% with their values is scum beneath their feet.

Nothing can be done about this obscene bigotry. After all, they are entitled to their own opinion, however intolerant it may be.  However, what they are not entitled to is the insulting, and publicly displayed hatred, of anyone that they are not. We have constitutionally protected Freedom of Speech; this does not mean government-sponsored hate crime.  If the Tea Party had its way, anyone who is not white, male, Christian, and conservative would be gone.  This is fundamental to why the right, especially the hardcore Christian right, feels the need to force their views on everyone else.

At their core, the Republicans are timid, afraid of being exposed as frauds.  The old saying goes Quality over Quantity, but in the case of conservatism it is quantity over quality.  It would seem that the right-wing is willing to sacrifice the intelligent base in exchange for a large base.  Having voters never hurts, of course, but eventually the propaganda machine we call Fox “News” will falter, and the illusion will fade. I hope this happens sooner rather than later, but until then, keep in mind the conservative policies:

1. Quantity over Quality

2. If in doubt, scream about communists

3.Don’t forget our superiority.