Michigan GOP Passes Bill Granting Power To Fire Elected Officials To One Person

Michigan's Republican Governor, Rick Snyder

A few days ago, I reported
on an anti-union bill in MI that would allow the governor to appoint a
person or corporation to take complete control of a local government.
This person or corporation would have the power to completely dissolve
municipal governments and take on any and all powers of any and all
offices of the local government to which he, she, or it is assigned.
Unfortunately, this bill passed. Fortunately, the version that passed
only allowed a person to be in this role.

Is it really about about the economy? I don’t really think so, since
they didn’t pass the ammendment the Dems tried to put in to limit the
pay of the emergency manager to that of the governor. Maybe it is just
a conservative thing; it’s what the founding fathers would have

Well, despite the obvious flaw that the founding fathers would in no
way support a bill that literally removes the democratic power of the
People, there is another reason the initial bill would never have
gotten the approval of the founding fathers-they
HATED corporations.

“I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied
corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial
by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”-Thomas

If it’s not really about economics and it’s not really a conservative
value thing, then what is it really about? To answer that, we need to
put it in context of the other recent legislative moves in the

First on the list is the anti-union legislation that’s being passed
around the country. Most notibly was the recent Wisconsin bill that
unfortunately passed. Was this one about the economy? I don’t think
so, since the governor’s budget cut several programs to help the
People, but gave nearly the same ammount of money to outsourcing
corporations in hefty tax breaks. Luckily for us, there were a few events
that literally told us why this happened. The Senate Majority Leader
even said what
it was really about
-it is a ploy to defund the Democrats since the
unions are by far the major source of the Democratic Party’s campaign

And this one definitely can’t be a conservative value issue either. We
know this by listening to their idol-Ronald Reagan:

‎”Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom
is lost.”– Ronald Reagan

In NH, and several
other states
, legislature is being passed that is deliberately
geared to make it harder for students to vote. One way they are doing
this is by removing the ability to register the same day you vote. As
college students are typically just barely old enough to vote, they
are unlikely to have registered prior to the vote. Another avenue that
is being explored by these states is an unconstitutional approach that
effectively creates a poll tax; they are removing student
identification as proof of identification and requiring a valid state
ID. Once again, a loose lipped politician spilled the beans and told
us that this legislation is aimed to prevent the student from voting,
because they’re “voting as liberal; That’s what kids do.”

Placing these individual trends in legislature in context with each
other reveals the true overal goal of the party. Connecting the dots
between each individual attack on democracy only shows a large scale
war on democracy. We must stop this and do it soon before there’s no
way for us to do so.