Anti-abortion law forces parents to watch their 23 week-old child slowly suffocate to death.

Danielle Deaver, talking about watching her baby die.

Thank GOD we saved that baby from evil abortion!  I mean, sure, she spent her entire fifteen minutes of life gasping for breath and slowly suffocating to death but at least she didn’t get mercifully terminated in the womb.  That might have spared her parents the pain of holding a baby dying in one of the most horrible ways I can imagine.  And no doubt, those fifteen minutes were precious to the little girl, too young to understand she was dying but only knowing that she was in pain and not knowing how to make it stop.

I don’t generally engage the abortion debate.  I’ve written about my reasons why and while I’m generally pro-choice, I can understand the objection to it.  And so I don’t get in the middle of the ethics of abortion.  I do take issue with the underhanded methods used by the Right to undermine a legal procedure but that’s not what this is about.

What this is about is the blind adherence to ideology with absolutely NO thought to human suffering.

What this is about is inflicting the worst pain there is on a man and woman who did nothing wrong.

What this is about is losing sight of what really matters while politicians chase votes instead of finding real solutions to real problems.

For a party that complains about Health Care Reform’s “one size fits all” approach, they sure don’t like to make exceptions to their own sacred cows.

Danielle and Robb Deaver found out just how twisted the pro-“life” movement is as they were informed that they had passed the 20 week threshold for having an abortion.  After three previous miscarriages, and a joyful successful birth of their son, Alex, Danielle’s water broke early during her fifth pregnancy.  Without the amniotic fluid for the baby to grow in, her lungs would not continue to develop.

The doctors told the Deavers that their baby had a ten percent chance of surviving even with heroic measures and a two percent chance, if she survived, of ever being able to perform even basic functions, like feeding herself.  So even if she survived, the child’s quality of life would be nonexistent.  A severely damaged body with almost guaranteed brain damage.

Can you imagine the horror of learning this?  Can you imagine having to decide whether or not to inflict such a life onto your child?  A shortened life of physical and mental suffering if the pregnancy managed to go full term or several minutes of pain and inevitable death if it didn’t.  The Deavers chose to end the pregnancy rather than put their own flesh and blood through such torture.

And then they were told they couldn’t because an anti-abortion billed passed only two months earlier made no exceptions except for the mother’s immediate health.  Their doctor was too afraid of the repercussions of this blatantly humane decision and refused to terminate the doomed pregnancy.  Essentially, they were told you MUST force your baby to suffer because the GOP is pro-“life”.

Pro-“life”.  What a sick joke.

The Deavers could have traveled over state lines to find a doctor who would put their child out if its misery, but Danielle was too distraught to go “shopping” for an abortion provider.  Despite what the monsters of the pro-“life” movement would have you believe, the vast majority of women do not treat abortion lightly.  They don’t do it on the spur of the moment and go prancing off to get pregnant again.  A friend of mine used to speak about how much she wanted kids when she was older and married.  Then she got pregnant while in her second year of college and had an abortion.  It wasn’t an easy choice but she did it.  Now, she won’t even contemplate having kids of her own.  Those scars run deep.

So, the Deavers were forced to wait.  Ten days later, Danielle went into labor, her baby was born and lived for fifteen agonizing minutes.  This was not God’s will that this child and her parents should suffer.  This was the will of men and women who cannot see beyond their own need to control others.  This was the will of those for whom “freedom” is an abstract concept to only be applied when the “freedom” is their own.  The “freedom” they would so graciously bestow upon others is the “freedom” to follow their path or no path at all.

If the men and women responsible for this reprehensible tragedy really believed in what they were doing, they would have been in that room with the Deavers to witness the results of their labors and share in the pain they felt.

If they had any conscience at all, they would publicly apologize to the Deavers and amend the law so that this can never happen again against the parents’ will.

But they don’t and they won’t.  The GOP is not pro-“life”. They are pro-control and they make me sick.

I’m going to go hold my sleeping children now and promise them I will do everything I can to protect them from the depredations of the Right.

See Danielle tell her story here: