Wasn’t corporate control of a city considered science fiction just 25 years ago?no

Michigan- Everyone knows RoboCop, the ultra violent (for the time) science fiction movie with the heavy handed theme of corporate control over city level government.  Not just corporate influence but direct legal control.  Totally ridiculous, of course.

Except it’s not anymore.  Meet The EMF or “Emergency Financial Manager” (No I do not know why the acronym is not EFM).  The EMF is to have extraordinary powers.  Powers that are, dare I say it, dictatorial in nature:

“Those powers include the ability to nullify collective bargained agreements, imposition of new agreements for those bargaining units which will have effect for as much as five years after the EMF leaves office and the ability for the manager to dissolve local governing bodies of schools and cities. The EMF would also have the power to eliminate any local ordinance or law he or she decides to eliminate.”

Essentially, the EMF can, without recourse, fire elected officials, abolish collective bargain rights, strip a township of its identity and do away with any law that does not fit with the EMF’s agenda.  The EMF who, coincidentally, will be appointed by the state’s treasurer (who will, no doubt, seek absolutely no input from the Governor on the selection) and is only answerable to the Republican controlled legislature.

Seriously, why not just grow the old-time villain handlebar mustache and stop pretending you’re “doing it for the people”?

Follow up question:  If Obama “forcing” people to get health care insurance was tyrannical overreach, what the hell is this?

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