America is Suffering from Koch Abuse

What needs to happen for some Americans to understand that they are being bought and sold by big business? It’s not the government telling you what to buy, how much to buy, and where to buy it (albeit they let the lobbyists dictate policy)… it’s the big money monopoly Corporatists. They would much prefer our nation be a corporate Plutocracy than a representative Democracy.  They do not care about anything but the bottom line. They are in it for profit, and to profit off “We the People.” They do not create jobs, jobs are not lucrative unless absolutely necessary. They cut jobs when they see that they can get more product out of less people for less money. They cut jobs when they see that they can create their products overseas for a fraction of the price it costs to produce here.
The Tea Party sees fit to protest “Big Government” because they don’t want the ‘government’ to control their lives. They protest the ‘government’ because they don’t want to be taxed. They protest the ‘government’ because they don’t want a system put in place that will protect everyone, and for that to happen taxes are a necessary evil. First of all… any group that doesn’t care about the common good and only about themselves has to be questioned. The biggest question mark can be held over the great financiers of the ‘Tea Party Movement’…. and who are they? The brothers Koch.
You mean to tell me that two brothers who own a majority of American industry do not want the government regulating their business? It seems they don’t want the government making sure that the people are protected. After all, what are people to a Corporatist? Means to make a profit.
People are nothing but profit to the brothers Koch, yet they are funding a movement that claims that they are standing up for ‘the people’. This is a contradiction in terms to say the least. Why don’t they just say what they really want to say… “We fund your ‘movement’ because we want you in our back pocket to elect people who will not regulate us. Then we can profit off of you and then lay you off.”
According to Think Progress “as Tea Party Koch Brothers earned an extra $11 Billion in recent years, they laid off thousands”… So much for their “The rich create jobs” mantra.
From now on those in the Tea Party will be known as “Koch heads”… I suggest that an intervention is needed immediately.